Since 2015, Cultivate What Matters has helped thousands of women across the world open their Bibles and make time in the Word their favorite part of the day. You can, too! The Write the Word™ Bible Journals were made for you—for every season of life!

Take a Look Inside Write the Word

In today's world, you crave a strong, living faith to guide you each day. You want your time in the Word to be a consistent rhythm that you look forward to each day!

The Write the Word™ Bible Journals make it easy to get right into the Word—the ultimate place for refreshment and peace. They'll bring you closer to God and help you live each day with hope and purpose! Whether you're new to faith or in a full season of life, Write the Word journals were made for you.

It's simple:

  1. Open your Write the Word™ journal.
  2. Write out the pre-selected scripture.
  3. Grow a deeper faith that brings you closer to God.

You can have the best intentions to grow your faith, or you can take action on them—no perfection required. Whether you're brand new to faith or in need of a jump start, writing the Word is perfect for you.

Five Stars

Perfect for a busy life!

Life with four little kids makes it hard to get into my Bible every day. This journal is the perfect way to stay in the Word and inspires me to show grace on even the tough days!


What are Write the Word journals?

Write the Word journals are a simple way to get into the Bible every day. When we're in the Bible regularly, it gets into our heads. And what's filling our minds flows to our actions, how we experience the world, and the people around us!

Each journal has a theme, and contains about 75 unique scripture verse selections that build on that theme. In each two-page spread, you'll have space to write out the day's verses in your own handwriting; to choose a word for the day; and to journal a prayer, what the day's reading is teaching you, thoughts on your day, or whatever else is on your heart.

The journals are undated, so you can complete them at your own pace and start anytime!

How do I choose a volume?

There's no wrong way to choose a Bible journal volume, but we're here to help! This blog post will walk you through which volumes are a great fit for different seasons, and this blog post will help you select the perfect bundle.

I've never used one before. Which journal should I start with?

Cultivate Hopeis a great journal to start with for the season we're in as a world and is always one of our bestsellers.

I'm new to faith. Which journal do you recommend?

We recommend theFaith journal!The verses will lead you through the narrative arc of the Bible and the big-picture story of the Christian faith.

Which Bible translation do you use/should I use?

Great news! Write the Word journals are compatible with the Bible translation of your choice. For the art pages in the journals, we use the NIV translation. If you don't own a Bible, you can try out different translations team favors the NIV, ESV, and Message translations!

What's so special about writing out scripture verses?

Research has shown that when we write something in our own hand, our brain begins storing, connecting, and applying the information in deeper ways than if we had simply read it. By lingering over a small selection of scripture each day, users have told us they're more quick to recall and apply the wisdom of the Bible in their daily lives!

How is Write the Word | Psalms different from the classic Write the Word volumes?

Write the Word | Psalms includes everything you love about Write the Word journals—an undated format, flexible journaling space, beautiful art pages and prompts, and carefully-chosen scripture—but lets you sink deeply into just one impactful book of the Bible. The five-volume set (you can also buy them individually!) includes at least one verse from every chapter of Psalms, in order, as well as keepsake scripture memory cards. We think you'll love the shorter length and lighter-weight construction of these volumes. For more, read this blog post!

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