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How to Choose the Right Write the Word Journal (for You or a Friend!)

by Emily Thomas November 15, 2019 0 Comments

How to Choose the Right Write the Word Journal (for You or a Friend!)

With our growing collection of Write the Word Bible journals, we've found ourselves answering the question "which journal is right for me?" more and more often. Which we love! Helping you find the right journal is one of our team's favorite things to do, and we'll always be happy to help you find the perfect fit for your unique life situation. Send us a note!

In the meantime, we thought we'd share a few of our go-to recommendations. Write the Word journals make perfect gifts for women in all seasons of life (they've helped thousands of women find a simpler way to get right into the Bible!), and we hope this guide makes it easier for you to pick the perfect volume for your best friend, mom, sister, or kiddo's teacheror yourself!

Below, we've included a brief description of each journal, and then our suggestions for a few life situations. Note that some journals are limited-edition and have sold out!

Write the Word | Blank Bible Journal
allows you to choose your own daily scripture to focus on. Use it to journal a whole book of the Bible, work through a study or sermon series, or another creative use.

Write the Word | Cultivate Confidence
will remind you of who God says you are. You'll grow your confidence from a place of unshakable trust!

Write the Word | Contentment
 will help you grow in contentment through God's promises and assurances to us. Full of scripture on thankfulness, this volume will help you get after grateful!

Write the Word | Cultivate Faith follows the narrative arc of the Bible, walking you through the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

Write the Word | Cultivate Forgiveness will help you release what has been holding you back as you experience God's transforming grace and power in all areas of your life. Forgiveness is a daily practice for all Christians, with freedom and grace on the other side!

Write the Word | Cultivate Hope will help you find God's peace and assurance in seasons of waiting, challenge, or unknown.

Write the Word | Cultivate Joy
 will help you delight in God's goodness. This volume will help you celebrate the joy that's yours with a life of faith!

Write the Word | Cultivate Renewal will remind you of God's promise to make all things new. Get still and reflect on His life-giving truth with this special volume.

The mama with a new baby: Contentment, Worship, Confidence
The mama of little ones: 
Joy, Blank
The mama of teens: 
Hope, Renewal, Blank
The mama of young adults:
 Contentment, Blank
Someone struggling with infertility: 
Hope, Joy, Renewal
Your kiddo's teacher: 
The Garden, Joy
Someone brand-new to her faith: 
Faith, Confidence
Someone diving back into her faith: 
Renewal, Hope, Faith, Forgiveness
A college student: 
Worship, Contentment, Confidence
Someone experiencing grief: 
Hope, Worship, Renewal
Someone in a season of transition: 
Contentment, Joy, Renewal
A prayer warrior: 
The Garden, Worship, Blank
Your mother-in-law: 
Joy, The Garden
Your grandmother: 
Worship, The Garden
Someone struggling with her purpose or calling: 
Hope, Worship, Confidence
A newlywed: 
Joy, Blank, Confidence
Someone celebrating an anniversary: 
Joy, Worship, Blank
Someone who's always pouring out for others: 
Renewal, Forgiveness, Confidence

Bonus! Your favorite kiddo:
Can't go wrong with either the Original or Write the Word for Kids | Fruit of the Spirit!

Of course, these are just starting places—you know your loved one best. The good news: you can't go wrong with whichever volume you choose! We'd love to hear what suggestions you'd add to our list!

P.S. Pro gifting tips: Break up the All Seasons Collection into five separate gifts, or score a great deal on our Starter Bundle (and choose your own volume!). These journals include hand-selected scripture, select journaling prompts, and gold foil details, making them perfect for gifting to the people you love!
Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas

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