How to Use Your Blank Write the Word Journal

For years, women have found refreshment, peace, and a much-needed direct route into the Bible with our bestselling Write the Word journals. For years, you've also asked us for a blank versiona place to record your own scripture journey in a simple and impactful way. With our newest volume, launching next week, it's HERE!

Everyone who's heard about this completely customizable volume has had a different way they're looking forward to using it. Today, we're sharing a few of those ideas with youand we can't wait to hear how you'll use your blank Write the Word in the comments!

  • As a prayer journal for your kids. No matter how old your kids are, use a journal for each to jot down the scriptures you’re praying over them, and the journaling section for notes and memories on what you see God doing in their lives. After you’ve filled up the pages, consider saving it as a special keepsake for them later in life. 
  • As a graduation gift. They’ll have the freedom to use it however they like, and you’ll feel confident it will help them grow in their faith. Add in a few scriptures and prayers to encourage them on the first few pages.
  • As a sermon note journal. Try writing out a passage of scripture from the day's lesson on one page and jotting down notes on the other. This can help you stay focused and leave church with practical applications from the sermon.
  • To write out an entire book of the Bible. Take a deep dive into one book and journal your way through. Depending on the length, write out every word or just a selection from each chapter.
  • As a gift for a loved one on a special occasion. Choose and write out your own verses to encourage your loved one in what's next - marriage, parenthood, graduation, a medical diagnosis. Use the journaling pages to write her encouragement, prayers, or to share the qualities you see in her!
  • To reflect on a daily devotion. Write out the scripture of the day and use the journaling space to reflect on the questions. For a free option, we love the daily devotions from Proverbs 31 and She Reads Truth.
  • To reflect on daily mass readings. Catholic friends, this one's for you! Pull a verse or two from the day's readings to write out and reflect on in your journal.
  • Alongside your Bible study. If you’re in a Bible study with a friend or small group, use your journal as a companion to what you’re learning. It’s a great way to keep track of your thoughts, prayers, and hopes for whatever season of life you’re in. Mackenzie on our team just completed this study on anxiety and Kaylee is journaling about the attributes of God from Jen Wilkin's book.

The new Write the Word Blank Bible Journal (and other new accessories) will be in the shop on June 24. Sign up to be notified and to learn more! 

This community is so creative—we can't WAIT to hear how you all use your new Write the Word volumes in the weeks and months ahead! If you have a study suggestion or idea for your journal, please share it with us in the comments!

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