Goal Action Ideas for Relationship Goals

If we rounded up all the goals set by all the PowerSheets users, I'd venture to guess that cultivating stronger relationships, and specifically stronger relationships with our significant others, would be in the top three. It comes back to that question Lara so wisely steers us toward again and again: where do you want to be when you're 80? Who do you want to be? Who do you want beside you?

Today we're continuing our Goal Action Ideas series with a Relationships edition, supplying you with a bank of ideas for your Tending Lists on that topic. Like all overwhelming things, cultivating a stronger, more joyful marriage or dating relationship is done through embracing little by little progress, and digging in even when things seem messy. I'd love to hear YOUR ideas, so please drop them in the comments!

P.S. We know not everyone is in a relationship right now (and some who aren't might really want to be!). We see you. Happily, many of these goals work for non-romantic relationships, too!


  • Brainstorm TV-free activities to do together
  • Research marriage counseling (not just for "rocky marriages" -- listen to our friend Katelyn!)
  • Get out of the house for a date night
  • Read the same book or article and discuss it together (doesn't have to be marriage-related!)
  • Work through our Goal Guide for Couples
  • Order a yearly photo album or a wedding album, if you haven't done it yet (oops!)
  • Review your finances and set a goal to work toward together
  • Have another couple over for dinner (watching how other couples interact can be so inspiring!)
  • Write out your wedding and marriage story
  • Read one new-to-you book on marriage
  • Create a family mission statement (our goal guide can help you with that!)
  • Look ahead and make a plan for your anniversary
  • Print favorite photos from your life together and display them in your home
  • Write your wills


  • Ask "what's one way I can help you this week?"
  • Set aside one night for an at-home date night
  • Consult your calendars together and make a plan for the week
  • Get outside and do something active together


  • Connect phone-free on a walk
  • Pray with each other
  • Sit down for a meal together
  • Laugh!
  • Show gratitude to each other
  • Pray for each other
  • Act on each other's love language

These are just a few suggestions for items to add to your Tending List each month to make progress on your relationship goals for the year!

We'd love to hear from you: what else would you add to this list?

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Goal Action Ideas for Parenting Goals

We're back today with the next edition of our Goal Guide series! Many of us are striving toward the same things: deeper relationships, a growing faith, and a healthy lifestyle, to name a few. We created this series to spotlight one of those topics at a time and create a bank of ideas for your Tending List! Now, when you want to make progress on your fitness, faith, or nutrition goals, for instance, you can use these posts for inspiration!

This week's topic is parenting! I'm very new to this (10 weeks to be exact), but being the best mama I can be shot right to the top of my PowerSheets priorities the moment I found out I was expecting. As moms, we want to be more present, patient, and nurturing with our children. One thing that helps me make imperfect progress? Coming up with meaningful and practical ways I can love on my baby well. Thankfully I got some help from the Moms Cultivating What Matters with PowerSheets Facebook group. Veteran mamas, please share your ideas in the comments below as well!

Monthly Goals 

  • Read one new-to-you parenting book (We love the idea of inviting your husband to join you for this goal!)
  • Tackle an age-appropriate milestone goal such as sleep training, solid foods, weaning, or potty training
  • Do a seasonal craft, outing, or activity
  • Create a family mission statement
  • Get up-to-date in each child's baby book or scrapbook
  • Plan a family trip
  • Get involved in children's school activities
  • Join a moms' group or play group
  • Learn 2-3 new age-appropriate games
  • Create a chore chart or family values chart to track progress
  • Work through the Parents Goal Companion Guide
  • Pick a topic to learn about and check out several books on that topic from the library
  • Take an infant or child CPR class
  • Frame and hang photos of and artwork by your children

Weekly Goals

  • Have 3-5 sit-down family dinners together
  • Attend church and discuss what you learned
  • Write a letter, email, or diary entry to children to read when they're older
  • Take child to 1-2 activities such as play group, story time, or music class
  • Plan a special one-on-one date for each child
  • Call a mom friend to seek advice
  • Host a play date for each of your children to invite friends over
  • Memorize a weekly Bible verse together
  • Teach your child to cook a new dish with you
  • FaceTime a faraway family member
  • Make artwork together (Don't stress about making a mess!)

Daily Goals

  • Spend an hour of uninterrupted technology-free time with each child
  • Pray for and with each child
  • Read 2-3 books before bedtime
  • Keep your phone in another room during play time or conversations
  • Pack homemade lunch for each child (Adding an encouraging note while you're at it!)
  • Laugh together!
  • Talk about ways your children modeled your family values
  • Show gratitude for good behavior
  • Ask each child to list five things they are grateful for from the day
  • Get outside and active together: ride bikes or take an afternoon walk and talk about what you see
  • Practice patience: respond with grace and say yes whenever possible
  • Tell your children how much you love them!

These are just a few suggestions for items to add to your Tending List each month to make progress on your parenting goals for the year!

We'd love to hear from you: what else would you add to this list?

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How To Create a Cultivated Calendar with Emily Ley

Feeling overwhelmed? Like you don't have time for the good stuff in your life because your days are full of the to-do's on your list? Are you exchanging celebrating the people you love and adventures with the things that don't fill you up? If that's you, you're not alone! And we want to encourage you to do something about it!

Join Lara Casey and Emily Ley, creator of the Simplified Planner, for a free class on Thursday, September 28th at 3pm EST on How To Create a Cultivated Calendar. 

We've often asked why we don't include a day planner in our PowerSheets, and it's simple: they are two entirely different products that work together. In order to know what to put in your planner, you must first know your priorities and goals. Lara and Emily will share how to uncover good goals and what matters most, and then teach you how to use your PowerSheets and Simplified Planner (or any planner!) together to get the most out of your time.

We're even planning a special treat for all you sticker lovers out there :)

If you are not able join us live at 3pm EST, there's no need to fret! A replay will be available for all those that have registered, so be sure to sign upto receive access to the broadcast afterwards!

We can't wait to spend some time with you next week!

Leave us a comment to let us know you're coming! We can't wait to spend the afternoon with you!

PS. Our 2018 #PowerSheetsAreComing on October 25th! Sign up to stay updated over the next few weeks and to be the first to see the new collection next month before it goes live!

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Introducing the Newest Member of the Cultivate Team

Friends, it is with great joy and a happy heart that I'm writing today's blog post. I am thrilled to be introducing you to the newest member of the Cultivate team-Kaylee Hobbs!


We've had the privilege of working alongside Kaylee for the past two months, and I'm so excited for you to get to know her!

First, I want to tell you a little background about the interview process with Kaylee. When we went through the first round of interviews with all the amazing candidates from our job posting, I remember thinking, "Can't we just hire them all?" It wasn't until then that I truly realized how difficult it was going to be to choose just one new member of our team (Spoiler alert: we didn't just choose one!)

Nicole and I joked throughout the process that we weren't just hiring a new team member; we were hiring a new friend. One of the greatest joys of the work we do day in and day out is doing it alongside the women with whom we work. What makes our company unique is that we're invested in one another outside of our work lives. It's no surprise to find Lara and Amber sending garden pictures back and forth, Kristin and Marissa feverishly texting about the new Lilly markdowns, or Emily sending Nicole and myself her newest favorite recipes. A company culture that fosters this kind of team unity has become one of the biggest blessings of my life. All that to say, we knew this was a big hire, and I'd be lying if I said we didn't experience some nerves about it.

During one of our video chats with Kaylee, she started sharing her heart for the Cultivate What Matters brand, particularly for encouraging women right where they are, regardless of their season, and it touched me to the point of tears. Luckily, I was working remotely that day and behind a computer screen, so I could be sneaky. Kristin and I almost simultaneously texted each other with some form of "I want her!" I'm sharing that to tell you this woman's heart for the work that she does is BIG, and it's been evident during the past two months on the team. Her expertise and enthusiasm has enabled us to continue to serve each of you and cheer you on as you cultivate what matters.


We had a close call during the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship where we (Kristin and I) thought we wouldn't be able to hire her if UNC lost to Kentucky (Kaylee's an avid Kentucky Wildcat fan). Lucky for us (and UNC) that didn't happen. (I'm only partially kidding). What a gem this lady is to our team! Now, without further ado, meet the lovely Kaylee Hobbs!

Tell us how you joined the team in a few sentences: I was introduced to the Cultivate brand when I was working for a bridal shop in Kentucky. At the time, I was spending my final summers as a student interning for a large corporation in Texas and enjoyed the challenge, learning opportunities, and people I worked alongside. When it came time to say yes to an official job offer, I couldn't ignore that my heart desired more purpose-filled and intentional work. I applied to Southern Weddings and Cultivate What Matters and immediately felt like it was a great fit! It all happened very quickly-I interviewed in March and become a North Carolinian two months later!


What's your title? Customer Delight and Shop Manager

What have you been doing over the past two months? In office, I have been assisting with the launch of Cultivate, managing the affiliate program, soaking everything in at the Team Summit, learning a lot about Gracie's Garden (from Grace, herself), sending lots of happy mail from the office, and helping out behind the camera during live broadcasts (some of you might have caught a glimpse of me when I accidentally turned the camera around once!) At home, I have been trying to manage the transition from college to the working world, finding community in North Carolina, and learning how to budget my finances and new found free time (I was quite the busy bee in college).

What else will you be doing? In the months ahead, I am looking forward to managing everything Cultivate Shop-related: the affiliate program, Amazon shop and our shipping team. I'll also be joining Jess writing on the Cultivate blog and delighting all our wonderful customers.

You know we're going to be fast friends when you show up twinning :)

Hometown: This question always gets me. I grew up moving around quite a bit, so here's a list of places I have called home over the years: Houston, TX; Benicia, CA; Baton Rouge, LA; Beaumont, TX; Dallas, TX; London, England; Vienna, VA; Lexington, KY

Birthday: May 24

Something you might not know about her: I would eat Panera Mac and Cheese for every meal if I could!

Favorite part about NC: I am going to try to choose just one here... I love that where I live in North Carolina is within an hours trip to the beach. I can pack up and take a beach day on the weekend without having to make many plans beforehand!

Friends, please help us give Kaylee a big CWM welcome in the comments below! She's been such a delight to our team and me personally, and we know you are going to love her just as much as we do! You can also say hi and get to know her on Instagram.

Photos by Ally and Bobby and Olivia Suriano of Nancy Ray Photography.

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Ways to Love on Your Momma

I was a little late getting this posted in time for Mother's Day to our Cultivate Team Summit, but I'm hopeful you'll bookmark Emily's list of favorites for the mommas for a day when they aren't expecting a gift. After all, as my mom likes to remind me, every day is Mother's Day :) -Jess

One of my favorite things about my PowerSheets is that they remind me to stop and look both forward and backward regularly - a good way to ensure I'm living an examined, and hopefully more purposeful and fruitful life! With that heart, I have Mother's Day in my sights this May. This month's favorites are all themed around lovely things the moms in your life might appreciate it (including, if applicable, you!).

Farmgirl Flowers | Bouquets from this company are a go-to gift for Lara. They're designed by florists usually the freshest blooms you know and love, and are delivered ready for gifting in a burlap wrap. So different from the stiff, plastic-y arrangements you might be familiar with from mail-order florists!
Mother of the Bride Guide | April showers bring May flowers AND weddings! Our sister brand, Southern Weddings, recently came out with this in-depth e-book detailing everything an MOB could ever want to know.
Plum Pretty Sugar pajamas | File "nice pajamas" under a luxury your mama never knew she wanted. Research suggests that going to bed in actual pajamas set aside for sleeping (instead of the same lounge clothes you use for the gym!) can help ensure a better night's sleep!
How to Celebrate Everything | I am mildly obsessed with this book! It's a beautiful celebration rituals and traditions that make life meaningful, and I know you will enjoy it just as much as I did.
Social Print Studio prints | One of my favorite gifts to give is a year of printed out Instagram photos! Social Print Studio offers a 4x4 size on stiff stock I love. My Mom practically cries tears of joy when her a handful in the mail, but only if they include grandbabies' faces
Pinhole Press memory game | Fun for big and little hands alike! Especially if your family is far-flung, printing a set of these cards with beloved aunts, uncles, and cousins is a great way to cultivate a closer family connection.
Life Handbook | Our own Life Handbook is the quintessential Mother's Day gift. It's an easy and beautiful way to collect all of your favorite stories and life advice to share with a loved one, through 150 pages of prompts to tell your best stories, memories and advice.

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