Keep Going

Keep Going

Friends, we've been in this thing for 6+ weekssome of us for even longer. While many of us have adjusted to a "new normal," so much of this season feels anything but normal. Grief, hope, frustration, joy, peace, and anxiety come in waves. We wonder if it's selfish to focus on the good when so many are hurting... but we also know that this season won't last forever, and we want it to have meant somethingeven through the hard, we want it to have changed us for the better. 

No matter what you're feeling or where you are, here are a few powerful reminders for today. Let these sink in!

It’s okay to feel distracted and overwhelmed in this time. It's understandable!

It’s okay to start over on your goals.

It's okay to love the new goals you set for this season more than the goals you set on January 1.

It's okay to simplify. It's okay to fill your own cup.

It's okay to take big leaps of faith.

It's okay to pivot. It's okay if you're making progress right now you never thought you'd make!

It's okay to feel fear—and let it lead you to action and new faith.

It's okay to feel grateful in this time, to enjoy the gift of new perspective.

It's okay to make a new plan.

It's okay to take small steps.

It’s okay to grow slow.

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas has been writing content for Cultivate What Matters for over four years. Her passion is helping women unlock what matters most in their lives and living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, three kids, and Golden Retriever, Dolly.

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