A Month-in-the-Life of a PowerSheets User

A Month-in-the-Life of a PowerSheets User

Coming from the gal who joined Team Cultivate a few months ago, I understand how confusing the concept of PowerSheets® can be at first! Are they a planner? A habit tracker? Only for business owners? Do they take hours to complete each month?

If you find yourself wondering the same questions, you're not alone. Whether you're considering a PowerSheets purchase or are already excited to dig in next year, this post will walk you through what a month-in-the-life of a PowerSheets user can look like. Spoiler alert: it's filled with good things :) 

First off: yes, the PowerSheets are unique. They're part 90-day planner, part workbook, part habit tracker, and are equally about big dreams and brass tacks. Our proven process makes achieving your life goals—the things that really matter to you—as easy as possible. PowerSheets walk you through a simple proven process to make your goals and dreams a reality. 

And there's no one "right" way to do them! Each person has different goals, a different schedule, and a different way of working through their PowerSheets. The most important thing to remember is that these are your PowerSheets! Over time, you'll get into a rhythm and come up with a routine that works best for you.

To give you a bit of inspiration, we reached out to the PowerSheets users in our Facebook group to learn more about their monthly goal-setting rhythms. The responses we received were full of insight—we hope you think so, too!

How to Work Through Your PowerSheets Each Month

At the Beginning of the Month...

  • Set yourself up for Tending List success by brainstorming action steps to complete your monthly goals.
  • Spend a few minutes walking through what will be required to complete your daily or weekly goals. This could be as simple as choosing a time you'll take your vitamins each day, or ordering greeting cards to make sure you can send a snail mail note each week. When you make a plan in advance, you're more likely to follow through!
  • Use your monthly calendar spread to block out days you plan to work on certain goals.
  • Riva said, "I’d highly recommend logging into Goal School (included with your purchase) and watch a video" for encouragement to start the month off strong. Or, listen to a past episode of the Cultivate podcast!

Each Week...

  • Watch a Tending List Tuesday live for encouragement to keep taking steps forward. (TLT is available in the Goal School platform!)

  • Check in on your Tending List and mark progress in your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Celebrate!!

  • If you know a goal isn't going to happen based on how your month is unfolding, be bold and cross it off! You can always reconsider it the following month.

At the End of the Month...

  • Gather a last burst of energy to complete your monthly goals! A self-imposed deadline like the end of the month can be great motivation.
  • Complete your Month in Review page (5-10 minutes).
  • Look ahead in your calendar. Gauge how full a month it will be before you add working on your goals.
  • Read through your yearly goals, your action step ideas for each, and your Yearly Overview. Remind yourself why these goals matter to you!
  • Fill out your Tending List for the next month (10-20 minutes). Add a few stickers, if you'd like :)

  • Make a note of your daily or weekly goals in your daily or digital planner, if it's helpful.
Our friend Valerie put it best when she said, "there are no perfect answers or perfect goals, because you are always changing and growing. Your PowerSheets can never reflect some perfect version of who we want to be—they reflect who we were when we did them. So, if your answers change, that's just a sign that you've changed and grown! Way to go! Give Past You a hug, and then keep moving forward!"

P.S. If you're new to the Cultivate Community (welcome!) and still trying to figure out what PowerSheets are and how they work, we wrote a blog post just for you! Click here to learn more about the anatomy of PowerSheets!

Cultivators: what does a month-in-the-life of a PowerSheets user looks like for you? Is there a system you have in place to ensure you're on track to achieve your goals? We'd love to hear your suggestions and strategies in the comment section below! 

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