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The Best-Selling Goal Planner with 800+ 5‑star reviews is back for the 10th Year.

Since 2012, we've helped thousands of women across the world set, plan, and track progress toward the goals that matter most—big or small, the things they've always wanted to do. The best part? There's no perfection required.

Say yes to what matters with the PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner—
celebrating 10 years of little-by-little progress.

Five Stars

A complete life-changer!

Since I began using my PowerSheets I've seen a major shift in my life and my mindset. My life feels filled with purposeful choices, not just boxes I have to check off.


Whether you have finance, fitness, or faith goals...
goals to cultivate your family, your business, or your health... 
whether you're just out of college or newly retired...
a mama to five or a single gal charging hard in the corporate world...

PowerSheets are for you. The diversity of this community is one of our favorite things about it! The PowerSheets process is simple, flexible, and powerful, and it's the perfect fit no matter what goals matter most to you.

What's in the PowerSheets Goal Planner?

The PowerSheets are unique. They're part 90-day planner, part workbook, part habit tracker, and are equally about big dreams and brass tacks. Our proven process makes achieving your life goals—the things that really matter to you—as easy as possible. Let's take a look at what you'll find inside!

Prep Work

The first part of the PowerSheets guides you to uncover what matters and (most importantly) what doesn't.


You'll discover what goals and habits to focus on—and feel confident letting go of the rest as you break down your big, yearly goals into small, simple action steps and short-term goals.

Monthly Planning

Pausing to review your progress and looking at what worked and what didn't in the last month with a few simple prompts will help you make better decisions in the future.

Tending List

The Tending List is where you commit to a focus for each month, tracking little-by-little progress on your yearly goals by breaking them down into monthly, weekly, and daily action steps.

Quarterly Refreshes

Every 90 days, you'll have a chance to check-in on your big-picture goals, set new short-term goals and action steps and get unstuck from what's holding you back.

Goal setting doesn't have to be a slog—in fact, we believe it should be FUN! After all, we're cultivating the things that matter most to us! Your PowerSheets are beautifully designed inside and out, with stickers and bold encouragement to keep you motivated as you pursue what matters most.

We're with you each step of the way.

With your PowerSheets purchase, you're enrolled in Goal School  (for free!).  Goal School has all the best PowerSheets resources in one place, including the coaching videos, Tending List Tuesday videos, Wildcard page downloads, and the 2022 Prep Week videos (launching the December 6!). In this membership, you'll make progress on your goals and get the most out of the powerful tool you've invested in.

Surprise! Log into your Goal School dashboard and check out your Bonus Resources page
for a phone wallpaper that matches your 2022 PowerSheets cover. Swoon!

Are PowerSheets a day planner?

PowerSheets are not a traditional day planner. They include a two-page calendar spread for each month, but no daily or weekly pages. Your PowerSheets help you determine what to put in your planner—and what not to put in it—by uncovering your unique priorities. What you uncover in your PowerSheets helps you organize your time and spend it on the right things.

The PowerSheets process is flexible enough to work alongside the daily schedule system of your choice, whether that's one of our notepads, a digital system, or a traditional paper planner.

What is a goal planner?

A goal planner is a tool to help you define, break down, and achieve your goals. The best ones (us!) also help you eliminate distractions and the things that will derail your progress and suck your joy. Some goal planners are focused exclusively on work goals, but we believe the pursuit of an intentional, meaningful life—whether that encompasses just work, just your personal life, or a combination of both—is worthy of your time, your attention, and a great tool.

The PowerSheets walk you through a three-step proven process to uncover your best goals, then move into 12 months of goal-setting worksheets to make your goals a reality—and it's all based on research! There's expert goal coaching on every page, too, to keep you motivated and on track.

Do I need both a day planner and a goal planner?

Many users have both. Others pair the PowerSheets with a digital scheduling system (think Google Calendar or iCal) or simply use the monthly calendar spreads included in the PowerSheets to note big events and daily appointments.

If you're serious about making progress on your goals and the things that matter most to you, we think the PowerSheets are an essential tool to keep these things front-of-mind and on-track.

What is a Tending List?

The Tending List is the heart of the PowerSheets! It's where you commit to a focus for each month, making little-by-little progress on your yearly goals by breaking them down into monthly, weekly, and daily action steps. Most PowerSheets users leave their planner flipped open to this habit tracker page and check in on it regularly as they choose their schedule and priorities for each day.

To see Tending List examples, click here.

Is there a digital version of PowerSheets?

There is not. Research shows that we retain more information and (most importantly!) take action on it when we write it in our own hand. The PowerSheets process is introspective and powerful, and we find the truest, most meaningful answers come out when it's just you, your planner, and a pen —no distractions.

How much time will PowerSheets take me?

The Prep Work (done once a year, usually in December) takes 2-3 hours for most users to complete. The monthly pages (done once a month) take about 20 minutes to fill out. From there, we encourage a brief daily glance at your Tending List. How much time you spend actually working on your goals each month is up to you and what you hope to achieve!

I'm a [fill-in-the-blank]. Are PowerSheets for me?

No matter what you filled in that blank, YES! The PowerSheets are beloved by moms, entrepreneurs, corporate gals, empty nesters, college students, and more. The thing that unifies us all? We have a strong desire to live an intentional and joyful life, a willingness to commit to a system, and the motivation to change.

Whether you think your goals are too big or too small, you'll find a perfect home for them in the PowerSheets. This goal planner has helped women open and scale businesses, improve their family culture, care for aging parents while staying healthy and whole themselves, run marathons and complete 150-mile bike rides, get in the best shape of their lives, and transition joyfully through full seasons like cross-country moves and new babies—among many other things!

Do I have to know what my goals are before I start using this?

Absolutely not! All you need is a desire to live an intentional life and a willingness to invest a bit of time. Question by question, the Prep Work will help you uncover what matters most to you and define your best goals.

I see you talk about "little by little" a lot. What does that mean?

Progress, not perfection is our most famous motto for a reason. So often, good things get derailed by the expectation of huge change happening immediately. We believe the best (sustainable!) change happens more slowly, in small, consistent actions that add up over time. This is not only more achievable with the full lives most of us lead, but the change lasts longer and sticks more strongly, too!

Because of this, we'll guide you toward breaking your goals down into small, tangible action steps that are simple to complete. And before you know it, you'll look back and see that huge change you desired. We'll cheer you on each step of the way!

What if I get stuck along the way?

We've got you! And so does the amazing PowerSheets community! We have video teaching from Lara to walk you through your Prep Work, years of helpful articles to get you unstuck, a weekly LIVE goal-setting coaching session (hosted in Goal School, which is included with your purchase!), and a Facebook community of 18,000+ women who are ready to offer advice or encouragement!

How can I access Goal School?

Log in HERE to check out Goal School! You’ll receive your login information by email after your PowerSheets purchase. Need help logging in? We can help you here! Receive your 2022 PowerSheets as a gift and want to make sure you're enrolled? We can help you here!

When is Prep Week?

Prep Week will be held within Goal School the week of December 6th. We can't wait to see you there!

I'm ready to dig in! How do I get started?

All you need is your PowerSheets and a pen. We recommend opening up your package right away and writing your name on the first page to break through any initial hesitation! Then schedule a 15-minute block to get started on the Prep Work. We'll guide you from there!

Women around the world are discovering a new way of doing life:

Instead of pressure, they feel freedom.
Instead of overwhelm, they feel empowered.
Instead of living distracted, they feel their days adding up to something.

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