Introducing the Cultivate Book Club!

Are you ready to be part of the easiest summer book club you've ever done?

What does the "easiest book club" actually mean? As summer kicks off for many of you, we know your time is valuable, and we want you to prioritize the things that matter most to you with the extra sunshine in your days!


Starting today, we'll be reading a chapter a week, and I'll be showing up in your inboxes on Tuesday mornings to cheer you on, share my biggest takeaway from the week's chapter, and encourage you to share what you're learning! We'll start discussing a new chapter every Tuesday together. Here's a schedule for you:

Chapter One: Tuesday, June 5
Chapter Two: Tuesday, June 12
Chapter Three: Tuesday, June 19
Chapter Four: Tuesday, June 26
Chapter Five: Tuesday, July 3
Chapter Six: Tuesday, July 10
Chapter Seven: Tuesday, July 17
Chapter Eight: Tuesday, July 24
Chapter Nine: Tuesday, July 31
Chapter Ten: Tuesday, August 7

Remember, this is about progress, not perfection. Use the chapter a week as a guideline. In fact, we encourage you to move at your own pace! When I was in elementary school, I was often scolded for reading ahead–don't worry, I won't be doing that here!

Ready to get started?

  • Order your Summer Book Club Bundle today! Signing up for the newsletter below will send you the first three chapters of Cultivate to read electronically while you wait for your happy mail to arrive!
  • Join the Cultivate Book Club Facebook group, and introduce yourself!
  • Sign up for our Summer Book Club newsletter below to get access to our bonuses page! There are discussion questions, phone and computer backgrounds, a fun coloring page, and more!
  • Invite a friend to join us! Share our blog post with them, and invite them to enter the giveaway and cultivate what matters alongside you this summer!
  • Save the date for Tuesday, August 7th. Lara will be hosting a book club party on Facebook Live, and we'd love to have you join–even if you don't read a single page in Cultivate!


Lara wrote Cultivate as part encouragement and part practical guide, and she offers wisdom from her personal story that encourages women of all ages and backgrounds to release themselves from the comparison trap and embrace progress, not perfection. This book is all about embracing imperfect, grace-filled progress to grow a life of joy. I can't think of a better book to be the anthem for our summer!

A flourishing life is possible–no perfection required!

Sign up below to join the Cultivate Book Club!

We don't want the fun to stop there! To celebrate summer alongside you, we're sending a summer book club bundle to one lucky winner:


There are lots of different ways to enter to win, and we'll choose one lucky winner at random on August 8th.

Update: We are excited to announce that our winner is Nicole Arteaga!

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We'd love to hear from you! Are you joining us on this grace-filled book club journey this summer?

Show Comments (98)
  1. Kelsey Kuske
    Kelsey Kuske

    I read Cultivate back in January and it was eye-opening! I am so excited to read it again and to get started on this book club!

  2. Christina

    I am so excited for this book club!

  3. Tara

    I am starting my power sheets and intentional goal planning! This summer I plan to cultivate gardening, home routines, and continue to work on a nutritional therapy certification with plans to launch a blog/business to help moms live healthier lives.

  4. Jenifer

    So excited!!

  5. Jenifer

    Encouraged by sending some cards!

  6. Ashley Stephens
    Ashley Stephens

    YAY! Read this book last year and it transformed my thinking! Can't wait to dig in again! XO

  7. Sarah

    Cultivate is the most highlighted, underlined, stickered book that I own! I read it once on my own last summer, once with my Side By Side bible study group in the Fall, and excited to dig back into all of Lara's reminders with the online group. This summer I'm continuing to cultivate "confidence in my life path" and determined to finish my first quilt by the end of the year. (Need to get that back on my tending list!)

  8. Sarah

    Gave one of my co-workers a shout out! This is one of my tending list items. I conveniently have five team members, so I write their first initial in one box of one of the 'weekly' lines to remind myself to intentionally encourage them.

  9. Chloe

    I had purchased and read Cultivate right at the beginning of the year, and had been thinking I'd like to revisit it now that it's summer, and the rhythms of my life are completely different. What fun to find a bookclub all ready to help in that!

  10. Lindsey H.
    Lindsey H.

    I am wanting to start cultivating reading aloud daily with my 4 yr and 1 yr old girls!

  11. Sam

    This summer I’m cultivating relationships in our family! As a whole and with each person. :)

  12. Kori

    I am so excited about this book club reading! 📚 I really think it will help keep me motivated and get the most of it if the book and cultivate what truely matters! I am looking forward to cultivating my health and learning to slow down and join life moments with my beautiful two and half year old!

  13. Sarah

    So excited for this book club! Looking to cultivate meaningful friendships, health, and time management this season.

  14. Samantha Spain
    Samantha Spain

    This summer I'm planning to cultivate relationships in my family. Not just with my kids, but most importantly with my husband. The last two years have been challenging to say the least, so I know it's time.

  15. Jennifer

    I’m just waiting for my power sheets to come in the mail and I’ve already started to read Cultivate! I’m so thankful for these resources that came to my attention at the perfect time where I was struggling to be more intentional in my life and ministry!

  16. Nicole

    I have had the Cultivate book for a couple of months and I am excited to take some time to read it I am encouraged that others will be reading along with me.

  17. Jessa

    I hope to cultivate an inner resilience this summer so that when I start to feel overwhelmed (I'm going back to school and working full time), I can trust that little by little adds up, the words of Lara herself!

  18. DeAnna Witzenburger
    DeAnna Witzenburger

    I am so excited for this book club! I had just started reading Cultivate before this book club was mentioned. I'm on chapter two and I absolutely love it! God has been using it to reach me in a tough season ❤️

  19. Andrea

    I started the book on my kindle earlier, but now with this book club I can begin again (and finish). It's more fun this way too.😊

  20. Heather

    So excited for this book club! As a mom of two under 2, with an amazing husband who works long hours, and a recent move to a new state, loneliness has been really hard! Cultivating authentic friendships is my passion, so I’m going to lead a group of friends from all over the US through the book club this summer-embracing community as we meet through the gift of Skype!! :)

  21. Cindy

    I have already read the Cultivate book-- and loved it. I am going to go through it again during book club with a fresh eye (and honestly a renewed spirit after attending MTH this spring). I am turning FIFTY this year...and I still have little kids at home. Cultivating LIFE has become extremely important to me ;-) I am also brining my friend Darcie along on this journey-- she is new to our Cultivate family and I am so thrilled she is jumping in on all of this goodness!

  22. Emilie

    I started the book but started a different one too so I need to get back to reading it! Excited for the encouragement.

  23. Kristen

    Can't wait to dig into Cultivate! This summer, I want to cultivate intentional time with my family. It's so easy to go week by week only doing the necessary things today and I want to be more intentional in family time.

  24. Beth

    Really looking forward to this! I need this!!!

  25. Rachel

    I am excited for this easy bookclub! I am cultivating gratitude in this summer season! Spending extra time with God (including my Write the Word: Gratitude journal), memories with family and lots of self-care/rest!

    • Rachel Lewis
      Rachel Lewis

      I sent one of my Cultivate What matters postcards to a friend and encouraged her to join this book club for the summer.

  26. Kimberly Daley
    Kimberly Daley

    Excited to live my most intentional summer yet!

  27. Kimberly Daley
    Kimberly Daley

    I sent a thank you note to a friend today!

  28. Rikki

    I am so excited to start this book with all of you lovely women!

  29. Amanda Whitley
    Amanda Whitley

    i would like to cultivate patience and understanging.

  30. Aimee

    Thanks you for this! Just what I've been needing, looking forward to reading and cultivating with you lovely ladies.

    • Aimee

      Looking to cultivate a more intentional life, and specifically working on overcoming lies of self-doubt, and remembering to dream big again. Encouraged my mom this morning with an e-card, as she transitions into new seasons herself.

  31. Katie

    So excited to get started! Just got the book from my library. :)

  32. Stephanie

    Excited for this book club... I started the book awhile ago but stalled out. 😁🌺🌷🌼🌸

  33. Rachel Winkelman
    Rachel Winkelman

    Yay! I just finished this book, but I know I’ll get even more out of it a s come time through! 🎉

  34. Crystal

    Perfect timing! This year's had a tough start, but I'm determined to reorder and grow where God is bringing things up.

  35. Mere

    I'm cultivating more time with God this summer!

  36. Virginia

    I'm excited to join the book club!

  37. Selena Stewart
    Selena Stewart

    I plan to cultivate a healthier me and relationships with my family. I have just started my power sheets for the first time.

  38. Annelies

    Even though it is winter here I am very excited! I am part the way through Lara's book anyway but this will enthuse me to finish off! I think I will go back to the beginning!

  39. Ashley

    I’ve been meaning to read Cultivate and this is the perfect push to finally pull it off my shelf. This summer I’m cultivating inner growth and perception.

  40. Katie

    Excited but nervous to start. I'm terrible at starting things and not finishing them.

    • Ashley Romney
      Ashley Romney

      I can so relate to you! Nothing feels more empowering than to find a friend like me. :)

  41. Lindsey

    I am excited to finally dig in to Cultivate. I have had it for a while!

  42. Anita Bennett
    Anita Bennett

    Perfect timing! I'm excited to begin!!

  43. Jessica Clelland
    Jessica Clelland

    I read it earlier this year, but keen to join the book club and go through it more slowly!!

  44. Ashley Romney
    Ashley Romney

    I'm so excited to start reading this book. I'm excited about the accountability because as embarrassed as I am to admit, I must be honest that I haven't finished reading a whole book in a long time.

  45. Ashley Romney
    Ashley Romney

    I encouraged 3 people today:
    1. I sent a text to my cousin about how amazing she is for always being so authentic.
    2. Someone was willing to help me with a free business consultation today and I took a gift and a sweet card.
    3. I met someone off of Instagram today that I admire and told her that she is one of the most patient people I've ever met in my just radiates through her!

  46. Laura P
    Laura P

    Can’t wait to read this with you all this summer!

  47. Michelle Bell
    Michelle Bell

    Delighted and thrilled to be part of this book club. What an awesome idea, huge thanks and gratitude to Jess, Lara, and all the wonderful ladies of Cultivate for starting this. Looking forward to reading and discussion.

  48. Rachel S.
    Rachel S.

    I’m JUST finishing reading through Cultivate. I look forward to reading it again with the book club!!

  49. Rachel

    So excited for this book club! 📚❤️

  50. Rachel

    I encouraged a girlfriend via IG. Thanks for hosting this!

  51. Tanya C
    Tanya C

    This is so awesome!! I'm in :)

  52. Tanya C
    Tanya C

    I encouraged my sister via text. She is going through a rough season at work! Recommended your book :)

  53. Sam Wilkie
    Sam Wilkie

    I am so excited for this book club! I don't normally do them, but this one just feels right. ;)

  54. Sam Wilkie
    Sam Wilkie

    I encouraged my bestie via fb messenger. She and her family are preparing for a rough season with her husband deploying soon.

  55. Samantha

    I listened to the audible version and got so much out of it that I bought the book! Excited to dive deeper into the content each week and share in our experience!

  56. Amber

    So excited! I used to hate reading but after reading Make It Happen I fell in love with reading stories of real people and what they have learned in life. I'm not too good at making it a priority to take time for myself so hopefully this book club will help!

  57. Meredith

    This is awesome. Very excited for this book club over the summer!!!

  58. Tammy Thomas
    Tammy Thomas

    Cultivating connections this summer and planning a women's retreat.

  59. Tammy Thomas
    Tammy Thomas

    have been helping a friend work through some things.

  60. Brianne Dosier
    Brianne Dosier

    I LOVE book clubs, so I'm all on this. Plus, I'm excited for this giveaway. I've been wanting to gift these two books to a few friends of mine. Can't wait to join in the FB group!

  61. Kylie

    I absolutely love this! This summer, I'm planning on cultivating simplicity, meaningful memories with my family, and a love for God's Word in my little ones' lives :)

  62. Alexa

    I’ve had this book for awhile. Excited for an extra push to actually read it and be more productive this summer!

  63. Annette

    Can't wait to finish this book with this group!

  64. Mallory

    I'm so excited to re-read this with a group!

  65. Chloe

    Love this! I have to say, you guys have really been an inspiration on starting fresh this summer! I just got back from a trip and feel organized and ready to take on my goals after going through the exercises in Lara's goal setting post for June!

  66. Missy

    This summer I am cultivating quality time with my kids and resetting our habits and routines.

  67. Oksana

    I am excited to be joining you in reading through the cultivate book!

  68. Jackie Jacobs
    Jackie Jacobs

    I am going to cultivate making & taking time for creativity & spending time outdoors! Painting outside & caring for my flower garden...they need a lot of TLC 🌸

  69. Jessica Noethlich
    Jessica Noethlich

    I look forward to cultivating intentional relationships this summer! <3

  70. Jill

    Love this book! Looking forward to reading it again and hearing the ideas and feedback of others as I look at it through a different lens.

  71. Ashley

    I’m looking forward to rewind Cultivate again for the book club!!! This summer I really want to focus on creating better habits! This is perfect!

  72. Elena Wiggins
    Elena Wiggins

    I have been wanting to read this book since receiving it for Christmas and am excited that I am finally reading it and alongside so many fantastic women! I want to be more encouraging to my husband in this second half of the year, encouraging him as he wrestles with a possible career change, pointing him towards Jesus, and being extra patient and understanding with him. Looking forward to making intentional steps towards cultivating a more life-giving environment in our home for our marriage and anyone else coming into our little apartment.

  73. Madeline Hunter
    Madeline Hunter

    I'm looking forward to sharing insights for other cultivating people!

  74. Becca Stevens
    Becca Stevens

    Read this book twice already and can't wait to go through it together in a slower pace and really dive in!

  75. Kricia

    I'm excited for this...the book has been sitting on my bookshelf for too long!

  76. Katie Boltwood
    Katie Boltwood

    I've been wanting to read this and I just needed the discipline (goal word for June) to do it. Now this is it! Hooray!

  77. Marcella

    Yay! Ordered Cultivate over the weekend - so excited for it to arrive and dig in. This summer I’m focusing on cultivating wellness - in body, mind, and spirit. Looking forward to using the Cultivate wellness goal guide to help me stay on track!

  78. Jennifer

    I started reading Cultivate on June 3 and looked up the blog today. I was so excited to see this book club start at the same time! Can't wait to see why God has chosen this time in my life to read this!

  79. Victoria Gilbert
    Victoria Gilbert

    I am so excited for this book club! I gained so much from it and look forward to my friends and others seeing the awesome reward in cultivating what matters most!

  80. DaNae Hurston
    DaNae Hurston

    This is gonna be awesome to go through with a TRIBE! So excited to hear others perspectives!

  81. Amy

    I’m excited! I listened to Cultivate when it first came out on Audible. I am excited to go through it again!

  82. Anna

    About to order Cultivate and cannot wait to dig in with you all! :)

  83. Gretchen

    Excited to buy this and get reading! I probably won't start power sheets themselves until 2019 but I'm excited for lots of absorbing and learning this summer!

  84. LaTiffany Smith
    LaTiffany Smith

    I read make it happen and it changed my life. I am ready to cultivate my heart and mind.

  85. Jessie Johnson
    Jessie Johnson

    I’ve bought the book when it came out and haven’t read it yet I’m so happy to start this book club so I can finally read it!! I loved the first book and have been following Lara ever since :)

  86. Sara

    Planning to cultivate my family & friendships. Also my relationship with the Lord!

  87. Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones

    Super excited to join this book club! I have been wanting to read more this summer and this will be a great start!

  88. Dani

    Super excited to dive in!

  89. Kerrie McCullough
    Kerrie McCullough

    I'm super excited to be here!

  90. Laura

    I plan on cultivating a purposeful career!

  91. Cindy J.
    Cindy J.

    I guess I'm a little late to the book club! Wish I had known about this back in May. I would like to cultivate focus, using the lens of God's purpose for my life. I have so many interests, hobbies that could become careers, so many things I'd like to do. But I feel scattered and a bit lost, not knowing which path to focus on. I'm just trusting that God has a plan for my life, hoping He will reveal a direction for me.

  92. Deborah Ream
    Deborah Ream

    Late to the book club but excited about reading this book.

  93. Nicole Arteaga
    Nicole Arteaga

    I am so honored and beyond blessed to have won the lovely treasures from Cultivate What Matters. I have loved this book and this gift to me comes at the most perfect time in my crazy busy life. ❤️

    • Jess Thore
      Jess Thore

      We love hearing that, Nicole! Thank you for letting us cheer you on!

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