Goal Action Ideas for Nutrition Goals

We recognize that sometimes you know where you want to end up, but it's still hard to come up with the specific steps that will help to get you there! We're always looking for ways to encourage you on your PowerSheets journeys, so we've identified some broad categories of goals that are popular in the PowerSheets community and brainstormed a list of potential monthly, weekly, and daily goals to help you get the creative juices flowing. Today, we're back with a continuation of our goal guide series!

This is the natural companion to our first fitness goal guide: nutrition goals! I find that planning and checking off work-outs is often a bit more accessible than finding effective ways to improve my diet. In fact, meal planning may take a bit more forethought. But with these ideas and some of your own, we know you can make little by little progress on your nutrition goals!

Monthly Goals

  • Read one book on nutrition
  • Plan a dinner with a friend at a healthy restaurant
  • Purchase a recipe binder or box
  • Buy a few new kitchen appliances or tools to help you make healthy recipes
  • Clean out the refrigerator (especially sauces and dressings that live in the door!)
  • Devise a nutrition plan for what and how you want to eat
  • Try a meal delivery service (like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron)
  • Ask a friend to start eating healthier with you and to hold you accountable
  • Watch a health documentary
  • Compile list of healthy recipes
  • Make a bank of your favorite healthy recipes as a go-to meal-planning library
  • Download Plant Nanny to track water consumption
  • Clean out pantry and purge unhealthy or expired snacks
  • Invite friends over for supper at your place to ensure a healthy meal will be served and to practice your cooking skills
  • Eliminate caffeine

Weekly Goals

  • Meal plan for the week. Here are our best meal-planning tips!
  • Go grocery shopping for the full week ahead
  • Meal prep for the week ahead
  • Cook one plant-based dinner
  • Create containers of easy-to-grab washed and cut produce to snack on throughout the week

Daily Goals

  • Drink and record eight glasses of water
  • Start the day with a healthy breakfast
  • Make or reheat a homemade lunch and dinner
  • Make coffee before leaving for work
  • Eat slowly, away from your desk
  • Pack a snack so you aren't tempted by fast food or Starbucks trips

These are just a few suggestions of tangible goals you can add to your Tending List each month to make progress on your nutrition goals for the year! If you're enjoying this series, be sure to visit our Fitness and Faith goal guides.

Get started on your wellness goals with our Wellness Goal Guide!

We'd love to hear from you: what else would you add to this list?

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  1. Amanda

    I had a goal earlier this year to not eat in my car/on the go! When I'm extra busy and on the run it is so tempting but it's also when I make my worst food choices be it fast food or just unhealthy snacks or eating more than I mean to because I'm not thinking about it!

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      Yes! Isn't it crazy how easy it is to swing through a drive-thru! Carrying snacks and always having water has helped me curb that desire (though I'm not perfect) :)

  2. Maggie

    Keeping a daily food journal is a great way. My favorite is Myfitnesspal. It's a free app that tracks just about anything you'd like (you can also get a subscription membership for very detailed info). I had a daily goal back in May of logging into myfitnesspal and it's so helpful.

    Any nutrition books y'all recommend?

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      Maggie - great question! I'm new to the whole nutrition world, so I'd love to hear any recommendations you find!

    • Joanna

      I may be biased, because I am a big fan of the Whole30, but It Starts With Food and Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig are really great resources! Even if you don't do the reset, there is a lot of great take away information. It Starts With Food is very sciency and explains how our bodies react to food, while Food Freedom Forever helps guide you through the emotional side of eating and how to best stick to your goals regardless of the situation! I've also just stared reading Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf (It's funny, even before reading this post I had decided reading a new nutrition book would be part of my October goals), and it's already proving helpful in understanding ways to better regain control on my eating habits! (Side note: I love all these nutrition suggestions, I will definitely be adding some to my powersheets!)

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      These are great suggestions, Joanna! Thank you for sharing these!

  3. Katie

    YES on packing a snack! I've started keeping a Yeti cup of water and a container of mixed nuts in my car at all times. It stops me from caving into the urge to stop somewhere for expensive gas station snacks or at a coffee shop (because you know I'll get iced coffee instead of water) when I get parched or hangry on my commute.

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      Agreed, Katie! I feel lost when I don't have my water bottle with me!

  4. Lily

    You gals are doing such a great job with these goal guides. Super helpful + inspiring!

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      I'm so glad they've been helpful, Lily! We have quite a few more in the queue, but let us know if there are particular ones you'd like to see!

  5. Katherine

    Seek advice from a Registered Dietitian! Please be aware that there is no "one size fits all" nutrition plan.

    • Katherine

      Also, Jess you and the Cultivate Team are doing a great job sharing ideas and these goal guide posts!

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      Yes! We certainly understand that these will vary depending on the person, and we hope these ideas serve as a diving board to get people started! Thanks for adding that tip, Katherine!

  6. Ashley

    I really like the goal of reading one nutrition book a month! I never thought about that!

  7. Jennifer

    For meal prep: plan to make a double batch of dinner and then freeze it. Works great for meals we eat just about every week like chicken wings and meatballs.

    Honestly, I work better in the morning, so sometimes I will make dinner after I eat breakfast--at least the main course--and then pop in it the fridge for a quick reheat later.

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      That's a great idea, Jennifer! I love how you take advantage of when you are most productive! A good reminder that it's important to tailor your Tending List to your lifestyle! Xx!

  8. Carol

    How did I miss these goal guides?! Glad I 'swiped up' today and thank you for all the tips. So many to start with. I need to check out the earlier guides. Very excited to see more! Thank you!

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      We're so grateful it's been encouraging, Carol! We have quite a few more up our sleeves for the coming months!

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