Seven Easy Ways to Cultivate a Heart of Gratitude

As we approach the holidays, I've noticed the shift in conversations towards gratitude, and it's one of my favorite parts of this season. Why? A content life happens when we cultivate gratitude, and I love being part of the intentional conversations about how far we've come and the things we're thankful for. These conversations and gratitude lists give me energy and momentum to continue to move forward, because gratitude is good for you. Not just mentally, but physically, too!

Today we're sharing seven easy ways to intentionally begin to cultivate gratitude in your own lives. The best part about these? You can start right now, because they are small, tangible steps to get your started today.

Create a marker of gratitude for your home. If you search "Gratitude Craft" on Pinterest, you'll see a plethora of options. Some of my favorites that I've seen are a thankful tree, a blessings jar, a thankful wall, or a gratitude wreath made from clothespins. The best part about these? They aren't elaborate or expensive, and they can be created from items you likely already have in your home. It's a great way to get any children in your home involved, too! Make this a dinnertime discussion, and add something new to your gratitude marker each evening.

Make it a habit. One of my favorite parts of the PowerSheets Tending List is the ability to list our daily goals for your month. If gratitude is something you want to cultivate, add it to your Tending List as a daily reminder!

Speak it out loud to others. Look for opportunities to thank others. It's one thing to think it, and it's another thing to speak it out loud. Thoughts are fleeting, but our words are permanent. A simple "thank you for taking the time to do that" can go a long way in encouraging others.

>Write it down. The power of writing down things I'm grateful for in my Write the Word // Cultivate Gratitude journal cements them in my brain. Not only that, but it's also a tangible place for me to flip back through when I'm in a difficult season. You don't need a fancy journal (though I do love incorporating the Scripture from our WTW journal with a gratitude list). You can start with a notebook you already have lying around!

Put your phone down. Is it just me, or does it seem like this tip could go on every single blog post we write? Eyes up, phone down has been on my PowerSheets for the past few months as a reminder to pay attention to what's in front of me. Instead of scrolling through social media and focusing on what I lack, I'm able to enjoy the people and moments around me. Need some tips on putting your phone down? We recommend having a social media-free weekend!

Watch your words. One of the best pieces of advice I read earlier this year in an article is to only complain when you can offer a solution to the problem. You guys, this has been a game-changer for me. Complaining for complaining's sake ends up being counter-productive, and you end up feeding the negative thoughts. The author gives great examples: Is your internet connection too slow? Make a quick phone call to your provider to get it sorted out. Is traffic on the way to work terrible? Leave earlier or take a different route. Most problems can be easily remedied.

Surround yourself with reminders of gratitude. For me, it's filling my refrigerator and frames with photos of my loved ones. I also love creating playlists for different moods, and my Believe playlist is one of the most-centering playlists I've created. I often listen to it when I need a good soul-reminder. Feel free to give it a listen, too!


I'd love to hear from you! How do you cultivate gratitude in your lives? What else would you add to this list?

PS. If you're looking to purchase a Write the Word journal, take a peek at our holiday sale beginning Tuesday, November 21st. It's a great time to snag a Write the Word for your collection!

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PowerSheets Work, and Here’s Your Proof

Since joining the Cultivate team I've had countless friends ask me, "What's the deal with these PowerSheets you keep talking about? Do you really use them? Do they actually work?" I love answering that question, because it gives me space to vehemently say, "YES! PowerSheets work! But only if you use them!"

I love sharing my PowerSheets journey with so many friends online and in real life, but I also realize that one of the best parts of PowerSheets is they can be used by women looking to cultivate a variety of goals in all seasons of life. What better way to show that than to share the stories of women just like you who are cultivating what matters using PowerSheets.


I started using PowerSheets in June. Last fall was a nightmare as a photographer. I was so behind on editing, and my family was getting the worst part of me. Shift to this year, and I’m caught up on work and enjoying the start of this holiday season energized and peaceful instead of stressed and exhausted. I’ve learned that I cannot do it all, especially during my busy season. With PowerSheets, I’m able to focus on getting the work done, caring for my clients, loving on my family and the extras just have to wait. -Karen S.

This is my third year using PowerSheets and as a woman with ADHD, they help immensely. Not only do I use them as a well-thought out to-do list, but they also remind me of what's most important. I get easily distracted by my phone and social media, but when I take time to remember my Tending List, I think to myself, "No, this is not what's best. This isn't part of your why. Put your phone down. What's your legacy?" PowerSheets have been so powerful for that. My favorite goal this year was to cultivate relationships. I connected and invested intentionally with my friends, my boyfriend, God, my church community, and myself. I have a clearer vision of where I'm going, all because of the goals I laid out in my PowerSheets. In addition to that, I paid off $1,200 of credit card debt in 3 months by using the Tending List, and I lost 20 lbs this year. All because I found a why. - Courtney H.

Using PowerSheets, I was able to take a graphic design class and start to earn my certificate! This required me to bring it up to my manager, get permission for them to cover part of the cost, and then coordinate and prioritize my time between working 4 days a week, school, and my family. In the midst of this, my twins started kindergarten, so my family was in a big transition! We were able to stay more or less grounded, and give each child the attention they needed to push through the transition. I finished my class yesterday and while one assignment's grade is still forthcoming, I rocked it with an A while staying on top of work and family obligations! - Sarah K.

2017 has been a rough year for me (and many others it seems). That being said, I have also experienced tremendous growth this year. After 3 years of seasonal work, I started a full time career, and my PowerSheets have been the constant tool to get me through. They are a place of self-reflection and a daily reminder of what matters to me. I've been able to make huge strides in getting my finances under control and prioritizing healthy living. If I put 'eat more veggies' on my Tending List, I do it. They are a fantastic tool for anyone in any season of life. -Kate S.


2017 is my first year using PowerSheets, and I’ve never felt more fulfilled as I have this year. I may not have accomplished everything perfectly, but 2017 filled my self-care cup up with the help of checking off boxes little by little everyday. Between pictures I’ve wanted to print off for years to reading 52 books this year to being much more consistent with working out, I now feel like I am even a more enjoyable and present wife and mother because I’m not stressing about these things that I don’t think I have time to do. I will sing praise about the PowerSheets any day because they’ve helped me get my life back. -Erin C.

Using PowerSheets this year has helped me really take control of my physical and mental health. I work full-time and am in a part-time MBA program, and I thought I did not have time to exercise, eat healthy or take time for prayer or meditation. Through using PowerSheets, I've found that I can make time for the things that matter, and because I feel more mentally and physically well, I'm able to bring a better version of me to all aspects of my life. -Karen H.

My PowerSheets have allowed me to focus and has seriously helped with my anxiety. I skipped a couple of months in 2017 and without my Tending List to keep me accountable, I found myself more aimless, more anxious, and creating more worries for myself and others. For me, PowerSheets have been an incredible tool for finding a calm in a brain that, left to its own devices, can really spin out and get messy. - Jen M.

The PowerSheets provided a way for me to focus during a major life transition. My husband was retiring from the Air Force and starting a new career in a different state. I needed a way to stay focused on what my real goals were for the end of the year and then to actually make that happen. The PowerSheets initially had a bit of a learning curve for me because there aren't enough lines (which is the point!). I am grateful to see my choices dictated by my goals now. I see progress. I see places where I can give myself grace because something came up. I've learned to have grace with myself, and allow imperfect progress. - Danielle H.

What's your PowerSheets story? Leave us a comment and tell us what PowerSheets have helped you do! No two PowerSheets stories are the same, and we love that! Are you ready to start living on purpose and spending your days cultivating what matters to you? Order your PowerSheets Goal Planner today, and join the Cultivate family!

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How to Start Cultivating 2018 Goals Now

If the number of posts I'm seeing on Instagram of your happy mail arriving is any indication of your excitement, I'd venture to say we have lots of eager PowerSheets users ready to dig in!

To kick off our PowerSheets Prep, we're hosting our second annual PowerSheets Prep Week beginning December 4th. The Cultivate team will be sharing our personal PowerSheets Prep with you, providing lots of content on the blog and newsletter list, and debuting a pretty awesome giveaway, too!

Feeling a little too impatient to wait until December 4th (that's okay; we don't blame you!)? Here are a few easy steps to help you get started cultivating what matters, right where you are!



Get to know your PowerSheets. Flip through and get to know the pages where your goals will come to life over the next 12 months! Here are a few things to look for: the stickers, monthly Tending Lists, Quarterly Refresh Pages, and those Wildcard pages. Hint: Head to page 68 of your PowerSheets Goal Planner for a link to our Wildcard Library. You can start downloading and using those pages now!

Write your name on Page 5. That's right! No perfect pen or handwriting required. Sometimes writing the first words in a new book or journal can be the hardest part. Our best advice? Dig in with something simple to get your momentum going: your name. Messy, authentic handwriting is encouraged!

Join the PowerSheets community. Setting good goals is essential, and having accountability to keep making progress on those goals helps you grow them well. Join our Facebook Group to connect with fellow PowerSheets users.

Come say hi, and introduce yourself to us! There are few things we love more than meeting you and following your story! Join us for Tending List Tuesday Instagram Lives every week, and find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Read Lara's books. Both Make It Happen and Cultivate weave Lara's personal story with questions and responses for you to begin to uncover what matters most to you and begin to grow an intentional life. Grab a journal, and get to reading!

Practice systems for your 2018 PowerSheets now. For example, if you want to start color-coding your 2018 PowerSheets goals, you can start now by using some colored pencils or highlighters that you have. Start creating those habits and rhythms now so you're ready to hit the ground running when you fill our your January Tending List.

Get excited! The best is yet to come, friend! We have a great year ahead, and we're already dreaming up product ideas and resources to help you continue to uncover good goals and make those happen. We're here to be your biggest cheerleader, celebrating your victories and encouraging you through the hard times. My pom-poms are ready, and this is going to be fun!


I want to hear from you! Leave a comment and let us know: What would be helpful to see from us during #PowerSheetsPrepWeek? Certain content pieces? Webinars? Instagram stories? Tell us what would be most helpful so we can try to work that into our planning!

Don't have your PowerSheets yet? Head over to the Cultivate Shop to grab your One-Year PowerSheets Goal Planner today! Our One-Year Goal Planner is our best value, and we're expected to sell out before the end of the year, so don't delay!

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November Goals Round-Up

Happy November, friends! Something about switching from October to November in my calendar often serves a reset for me. I haven't quite been able to pinpoint it yet, but I think it has something to with the crisp air and holidays ahead.

The whole reason we changed the name of our business last year was because we knew we needed a platform to tell other people's stories and the Monthly Goals Round-Up were born!

While we were thrilled with our 2018 PowerSheets Launch at the end of October, we also firmly believe that we still have plenty of time to accomplish our 2017 goals and finish the year strong. I can't waitt o share these ladies' goals for November, and I hope it encourages you to continue to make progress!

So, without further ado, here are some of YOUR November goals!


Photo by our friend Erin

Knowing the excitement for her wedding at the end of September would trickle October, I loved reading how Chelsey kept her October goals simple to give herself margin. And guess what? She accomplished most of them! Remember to give yourself breathing room in months that are a bit busier than usual!

"I feel good about these daily goals. None of them were perfectly completed, but that’s totally okay because the point isn’t to be perfect. The point is to make progress, and I definitely believe I did." YES! Rachel nailed it, and it's going to be so fun to cheer her on in November!

Mary's November goals are a remind that the holidays are approaching, and we can intentionally choose to prepare now so that we don't feel frazzled come mid-December!

Use the perforation on your PowerSheets Tending List, and hang it somewhere you'll see it every day! Sarah's November goals (complete with the cutest stickers!) are hung where she'll see them every day!

There's no better time than the end of the year to start thinking about goals with your significant other, so I loved seeing "Refresh Couples Goals" as one of Amanda's November goals.

If it were acceptable, I'd copy every single one of Kate's November goals for the month. More importantly, I love her heart behind why she chose what she chose!

I know there are many of you that are ready to bust open your 2018 PowerSheets and get to work, but Diana's reminder that we still have 60 days left in the year is exactly what I needed to hear! I've tucked my 2018 PowerSheets away, and I'm focusing on finishing strong!


Photo by our friend Jami Lee

Want in on the PowerSheets family? Now's the best time to join us and start setting goals! Our 2018 Collection is live in the shop, so snag your One-Year PowerSheets Goal Planner to join us!

Remember, keep sharing your goals with us each month so that we can cheer you on! Whether you're posting in our PowerSheets Facebook Group, leaving us a comment on social media, or using the #PowerSheets hashtag, we love seeing what you are working towards each month!

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2018 PowerSheets are HERE

Where are you right now?

Maybe you're lying in bed, having pressed your snooze button for the third time this morning.

Maybe you're already sitting at your computer desk, surrounded by piles of paperwork and a growing to-do list.

Maybe you're sitting on the living room floor, surrounded by a week's worth of laundry that needs to be folded.

Wherever you are, I'd venture to say you've wondered to yourself, "There has to be something more than this."

We've all been there.

What if it could be different? What would you think if I told you there was a different path?

A path in which you spent your days cultivating what matters most in your life, from the exact spot you're sitting.

It's not about doing more or being more. It's not about striving for perfect, or having it all together. It's about growing the right things. It's about growing what you've been given right where you are. It's about growing what lasts longer than you. That's what matters. And we want to help you get there.

We created the PowerSheets Goal Planner to help women uncover purpose-filled goals and do something about them.


PowerSheets are perfect for women in every stage of life, every role, and every season. PowerSheets work, and you're going to feel the impact right away if you're faithful to the process. PowerSheets will help you prioritize with confidence, giving you more time for what's truly important in your life.

Because at the end of the day, isn't time what you need most?

Less time spent scrolling and comparing. More time spent walking in your unique path.

Less time saying "yes" without thinking about boundaries. More time spent with the people who you love.

The PowerSheets Goal Planner is more than just a planner; it's a life system that works, and thousands of women across the world have accomplished goals with their PowerSheets using our three-part system:

  • PowerSheets Prep Work: the first 35 pages help you uncover your unique goals and what matters most to you
  • Intentional Action Plans: step-by-step action plan pages for each of your goals with S.M.A.R.T. starting steps
  • Monthly Tending Pages: Tending pages to help you live our your goals and actions plans each month!



  • NEW! Goal Refresh and Month In Review pages
  • Expanded Goal Action Plan Pages
  • Simpler design
  • 12-month dated monthly workbook with January 2018 start month
  • 188 pages of inspiring quotes and worksheets (12 more than 2017 // 21 additional full-color pages)
  • 2 pages of colorful stickers
  • Inside pages measure 7 x 10 inches, overall goal planner measures 9 x 10 inches
  • Sturdy, yet flexible spiral binding and full-color tabs
  • Water-resistant, flexible cover with rounded corners
  • Free bonus materials, including a "Word of the Year" card, encouragement postcard, and inspirational desk card
  • Worksheets include the Goal Action Ideas, Monthly/Weekly/Daily Tending Lists, Relationship Tending, Cultivating Gratitude, Big Dreams page for big ideas, What Fires Me Up, Things I Want to Learn/Things I Learned, and more!
  • Wildcard sections to download and personalize your PowerSheets Goal Planner
  • Includes exclusive access to the exclusive Cultivate What Matters community and PowerSheets Facebook Group


Our 2018 PowerSheets One-Year Intentional Goal Planner is a year-long, goal-planning system that can be yours for $55. It's by far our best value, and once we sell out, we're sold out until we launch 2019 PowerSheets. If you are reading this right now, the One-Year Intentional Goal Planner is the one for you. It includes a year's worth of goal planning and tending and built-in accountability.

Now through Friday, October 27th, use the code FREESHIP for free domestic shipping when you spend more than $100 in the Cultivate Shop. Pair your One-Year PowerSheets Goal Planner with our PowerSheets Accessories Bundle to take advantage of the promotion.

One of my 2017 PowerSheets goals is to make wise financial decisions, and while I've made so much progress, I still have a long way to go (which is good because we still have 2.5 months left in 2017!). On that note, I want to ask you a question that's been convicting me recently when it comes to my finances.

When is the last time you spent $100? Me? I bought a red dress and a sweater on Poshmark. Are they lovely? Absolutely. Will they help me cultivate good goals and live a life of purpose and intention? Nope.

Hear me out: there is nothing wrong with spending money on things like clothing or home decor or date nights. But like all things in life, priorities are important. In budgeting, you have to tell your money where you want it to go, or it will go wherever it wants to go (And Dave Ramsey fans out there?). And I firmly believe the same is true for your time.

2018 PowerSheets are an investment in yourself and your dreams, and in turn, an investment in your relationship with those who matter most to you. Setting good goals “cultivated goals" can have a ripple effect on your family, your children, your friend, your coworkers. You have the potential to impact your life, right where you are, starting today.

Maybe you're happy where you are right now, or maybe you're already feeling overwhelmed about starting fresh and you're scared. Let us remind you that peonies grow through the dirt, and so do we. Little by little progress takes time, but it adds up. Lara and the Cultivate Team are going to walk you through every step of the process from your Prep Work to setting your goals to checking in on your Tending List each week. You are not doing this alone.

Will you join us? Order your 2018 PowerSheets One-Year Goal Planner today.

Still have questions? We're here to answer them! Head to our FAQ page and join our FREE live class today at Noon ET for an inside look at how PowerSheets work. If you can't join live, a free replay will be available.

One final note: you don't have to have PowerSheets to cultivate what matters in your life. Yes, we created beautiful and intentional products, but at the end of the day, we know our sales numbers aren't important. Our heart of hearts is that today serves as a turning point in your unique life. That October 25th, 2017 will forever be the day you made the decision to stop following others' paths and start cultivating your unique purpose whether you have PowerSheets in your hands or not.

Oh, and welcome to the Cultivate family, friend! We are so grateful to be on this journey with you!

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