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Write the Word® Journal | Prayer

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Write the Word® Journal | Prayer

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*NEWLY REVISED* Write the Word® | Prayer is unique! Each day, you’ll encounter a section of key verses to write out, along with space to write your thoughts, prayers, or anything else God places on your heart.

Features you'll love...

  • Revised scripture using the CSB translation plus a linen cover
  • Easy to use: just open your Bible and write out the pre-selected scriptures in your own hand
  • In each two-page spread, you'll have space to choose a word for the day and journal a prayer, what the day's reading is teaching you, or whatever else is on your heart
  • 70 selected scriptures over 145 pages, including 4 scripture art pages paired with themed journaling prompts
  • Undatedstart anytime and complete at your own pace!
  • Gold-foil details throughout and a satin bookmark to pick up right where you left off
  • Whether you're brand new to faith or in need of a jump start, writing the Word is perfect for you!

The Write the Word® Bible Journals make it easy to get right into the Word—the ultimate place for refreshment and peace. They'll bring you closer to God and help you live each day with hope and purpose! Whether you're new to faith or in a full season of life, Write the Word® journals were made for you.

Since 2015, we've helped thousands of women across the world open their Bibles, dig into encouraging faith scriptures, and make time in the Word their favorite part of the day. You can, too! The Write the Word® Bible Journals were made for you—for every season of life.

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What You'll Love

  • 70 selected scriptures throughout 143 pages
  • Linen Cover
  • Satin bookmark to pick up right where you left off
  • Printed on high-quality, acid free, wood free (won’t yellow!) paper
  • Measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches 
  • Use alongside your journaling Bible as you write the Bible by hand
  • CSB Verses

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ruth Sherlock
A left-handed, God lovin’ lady’s dream journal!

Write the Word is such a beautiful journal. I love everything about it — the concept, the note in the front, the scriptures. I’m such a stationary nerd, and am left handed (which makes the perfect journal hard to find), so I really appreciate the weight and details of this more than is probably healthy! I want to gift this to every human! Love, love, love.

Mary Ellen Murphy

Writing The Word really helps me to get my thoughts in order and the Word becomes alive.

Maryellen L Schemel
Great Bible study tool.

Writing the word helps me remember it! I add a few things such as Verse of the Day and a proverb. And I use the second page as a diary. I love it!

Monika Miller
Great restart

My quiet times looked different before my youngest was born. It's taken a while but I've finally accepted our rhythms are different now, and I need more structure in my time with a God. This is already a great piece in restarting my journey. The journal provides a great verse for reflection and study and plenty of space for prayer and quiet. Perfect for this season. Thank you!

Beautiful and Inspiring

Not only is this journal an excellent tool for meditating in the Word of God, but it is also quite lovely with embossed blue covers, vibrant endpages, and quality writing paper.