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Mini Monthly Habit Tracker Notepad

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Mini Monthly Habit Tracker Notepad

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Habits help us cultivate what matters most.

They’re the small steps that add up to our big-picture goals. But changing an old habit, or learning a new one, can be challenging.

That’s where habit tracking—and your Mini Monthly Habit Tracker Notepad—comes in! Research shows that it can take weeks to instill a new habit. Each sheet allows you to keep track of one growing habit over the course of a month and reminds you why that habit is important, encouraging you along the way. Pro-tip: if you're working on reading goals or even a Bible study plan, use one of these Habit Tracker Notepad pages as a bookmark to watch your goal grow!

If you have habits you want to cultivate, start small and start now with the Mini Monthly Habit Tracker Notepad!

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