Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose.

You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them.
Surrender your fears, end the chase for perfection, and say yes to cultivating the meaningful life God desires for you.
Make It Happenfollow's Lara Casey's story of how she surrendered her fear, took the leap, and got a life. In her case, a perfectly imperfect, fulfilling life as a mama, a working woman, and a grateful wife. Make It Happen is the story of how Lara chose to make "it"––a great purpose than her own––happen, and how you can too.

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Make It Happen is for:

  • women who find themselves worried, anxious, and completely overwhelmed by the constant chase for perfection
  • those seeking the courage to jump into a new venture
  • working women who are struggling to "do it all"
  • weary wives and moms looking for relief from burning the candle at both ends
  • anyone who dreams of a life lived not by accident, but on purpose
  • those wanting a closer relationship with God, or a fresh start

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Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live on Purpose.

Written by Lara Casey
Published by Thomas Nelson

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