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Daily Goals Sticky Notes

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Daily Goals Sticky Notes

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Work toward your goals and celebrate your wins with the Daily Goals Sticky Notes!

By encouraging you to focus on just three top priorities for the day, these sticky notes will sharpen your focus and help you take action on more of what matters. With a strong adhesive, these sticky notes are a movable reminder that can follow you from your morning routine to work to family lifeanywhere your day takes you.

Our favorite part? You’ll end each day by naming a win, reinforcing your good decisions and little-by-little progress.

With four bright colors to match your style, making what matters happen has never been more fun!

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What You'll Love

  • Measures 4x3"
  • Pack of 4 sticky note pads 
  • 4 colors 
  • 25 sheets per pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ingenious!!!! Absolutey Fabulous!!!

The last couple years have been hard but the last one especially... I haven't been able to keep up or do all the things I needed/wanted to do due to other responsibilities... but this has helped keep me sane!!! I may not have crossed each thing off each day but I managed to keep track of whats important and get jobs done!! Its been such a HUGE blessing! I will be keeping a regular stock of these!!

Jen O
Cute visual reminder!

I just got these and love that they help me narrow down to three things to focus on for the day and then put them somewhere that I can see easily, like on my computer. They are all the same, just different colors and they are good quality.