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Color Coding Sticker Book

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Color Coding Sticker Book

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You asked. We listened! The highly-requested Color Coding Sticker Book is here! With this sticker book, you’ll color code your heart  out with lots of different features to make it easy to organize, prioritize, and plan with the right colors for your planners, calendars, and spreads.

Features you’ll love:

Color-Coding Flags: These full-sized flags are the heart of the PowerSheets® goal-setting system. Assign each goal a color in your PowerSheets

Mini Color-Coding Flags: Flag important items throughout your Prep Work and planning pages

Color-Coding Dots: Using these dots, you’ll connect your goals to each month's Tending List action items by color coding your steps forward.

Mark What Matters Arrows: Flag important items throughout your Prep Work and planning pages with your favorite markers (that go both directions! Yay!).

Celebrate Your Progress Bars: These stickers fit your Tending List progress bars, but you can use them anywhere. Your small steps will add up!

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What You'll Love

— Sticker book measures 193 x 128mm

— 16 matte lamination sheets sticker

— Elastic band to keep your stick book closed on the go

— Intentionally designed to fit your One-Year PowerSheets® Goal Planner


Customer Reviews

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Love and will buy again

They are exactly what I wanted— medium and small sized stickers to help me in organizing my planners :)