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Cultivated Life Notepad

Cultivated Life Notepad

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Cultivated Life Notepad

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Meet your new goal-getting bestie: the Cultivated Life Notepad!

Use this limited edition notepad to see little by little progress add up with space designated to breaking down your goals step by step.

The Cultivated Life Notepad is the perfect tool to...

  • Track your progress in various Cultivated Life Evaluation (CLE) categories
  • Make a list of Action Items
  • Assign a due date to make it happen
  • Pair with your PowerSheets as you check in with your CLE categories each month

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can move forward with a clear plan and renewed motivation. Watch your intentionality drastically improve your life in any CLE category with the help of the Cultivated Life Notepad!

Shop fast! Quantities of this special edition item are limited!

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What You'll Love

  • 50 sheets each
  • 120 gsm woodfree paper
  • Features the 7 Cultivated Life Evaluation categories & 1 "create your own" category
  • Perfect for breaking down your goals, your monthly PowerSheets check in, or your Quarterly Refresh
  • Size: 5.5" x 8.5"


Customer Reviews

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I love my new monthly calendar, PowerSheets, and planner from Cultivate. I’m ready for 2024!

Alexis Lujan Arias
Cultivated Life Notepad

The Cultivated Life Notepad is a charming and practical tool for anyone looking to get organized and achieve their goals. The sections dedicated to breaking down large goals into manageable action steps are particularly helpful, making the process feel less overwhelming and more achievable.
While the included life areas (community, health, finances, etc.) are a nice starting point, I would have personally preferred more flexibility in this section. Perhaps including blank lines or headings that could be customized would allow for greater personalization and tailoring to individual needs.
However, this minor point is not relevant to the overall value of this charming notepad. It's a delightful companion for anyone looking to cultivate a more intentional and fulfilling life.


Nice thick paper with a good grip. Great functional pad that keeps you on track. Even my husband started using them.

Katelynn Lemons
Love the Notepads!

I love the weekly notepad and snap in stencil!! Perfect for my daily notes at work!


Love this new notepad. This will definitely help me stay accountable to my goals!