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90-Day PowerSheets® Goal Planner | Weekly Undated (Natural Linen)

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90-Day PowerSheets® Goal Planner | Weekly Undated (Natural Linen)

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With the 90-Day PowerSheets® Goal Planner, you'll set, plan, and track progress towards the goals that matter most—big or small!—over a focused, 90-day window of time. Trade distractions, wasted days, and overwhelm for joyfully building a life you love. Make an intentional plan for each day, and watch your small actions add up! 

With your 90-Day PowerSheets Goal Planner you will…

  • Get clear on a big-picture vision for your life by answering simple, guided questions to uncover your best goals.
  • Make a plan for the next 90 days that moves you toward it (we'll show you how!) through goal-setting worksheets designed to help make your goals a reality.
  • Watch small actions add up as you live each week well. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you'll move forward and want to keep going!
  • Connect with other PowerSheets users through our PowerSheets Facebook Group. At Cultivate, we're with you each step of the way.

We love goals because they're the simple, best way to build a life you love. 90-Day PowerSheets combine the proven goal-setting strategies we've honed over the last decade with meaningful weekly planning pages. With your 90-Day PowerSheets Goal Planner in hand, you'll make a plan and then use it to live each day well.

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Customer Reviews

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Grateful for all the Cultivate resources and the 90 day planner is no different. I chose this one after reading The 12 Week Year and wanted to try quarterly goal setting instead of annually.

Sarah Capps

I love the intentionality around guiding you to determine what matters now. You can brainstorm so much but then hone in on what you want/need to focus on fir this season and I have been looking for something like this for so long!

90-day Power sheets

I just received my PowerSheets. I have never used them before and I'm excited to give them a try. I love the quality of the linen and the look is very professional. The paper quality of the sheets is very nice. It is thick and does not seem like the kind of paper that will allow ink to bleed through. I'm very happy with my purchase!

Elisabeth S
90 Day Powersheets Goal Planner

My year is a bit off from the norm, with some months more hectic than others depending on my kids’ schedules, etc. I love how I get a great version of the prep work from the full Powersheets and then an undated 15 weeks with which to “cultivate what matters.” It’s a nice size book that fits easily into my bag with everything else, so I have my tending list and goals with me everywhere. I love the full Powersheets, but found I wasn’t using half the book because it was too big to carry around with me and so it would get forgotten on my desk under a pile of paperwork. This 90 day version stays with me, upstairs, downstairs, at work, at home, I can look it over while waiting at the dentist or doctor’s office, etc. And, because it’s a 90 day planner, I get a “fresh start” every 3 months with a whole new book!