The Anatomy of PowerSheets

The Anatomy of PowerSheets

Coming from the gal who's been on Team Cultivate for 13+ years, it's easy to forget that not everyone knows what the PowerSheets® goal planner is. If that's you, and the news that PowerSheets are coming has made you curious about goal setting and this goal planner you've been hearing so much about, this post is for you!

The PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner is unique. It's part 90-day planner, part workbook, part habit tracker, and it's equally about big dreams and brass tacks. Our proven process makes achieving your life goals—the things that really matter to you—as easy as possible. Let's take a look at what you'll find inside! 

The Prep Work | The first few pages of your PowerSheets are known as the Prep Work. This series of introspective prompts is part of what sets us apart from other goal planners (and certainly your average planner or calendar!). Through careful questioning, you'll get to the root of what makes you come alive, where you want to spend your time, what matters to you in the big picture—and (most importantly), what doesn't. If you're new to PowerSheets, your first time going through the Prep Work might be emotional, and it will absolutely be eye-opening.

Goal Setting Pages | Through the Prep Work, you'll discover what goals and habits to focus on—and feel confident letting go of the rest. Your most impactful goals for the year ahead will be clear! In the goal setting pages, you'll begin to break down your big, yearly goals into small, simple action steps and short-term goals. We'll give you lots of smart goals examples. When the next step is clear, follow through becomes easy! 

Monthly Calendar Pages | Part of growing good things is not growing too many things at once. Whether you use your monthly calendar spread as a traditional planner or in another creative way, it will help you see what you have time for so you can commit to the right things. 

Monthly Planning Pages | Pausing to review your progress, looking at what worked and what didn't in the last month, will help you hone your skills as a cultivator. Each month, you'll have a few simple prompts to help you do this.

The Tending List | This is where it all comes together! Most PowerSheets users leave their PowerSheets flipped open to this habit tracker page, as it's the one you'll check in on most frequently—daily, in some cases, and definitely weekly. The Tending List is where you commit to a focus for each month, making little-by-little progress on your yearly goals by breaking them down into monthly, weekly, and daily action steps. Your Tending List will help you see the power in progress, not perfection!

Quarterly Refreshes | PowerSheets connect the power of big-picture vision with the potency of shorter windows for progress. Every 90 days, you'll have a chance to check-in on your big-picture goals, set new mini short term goals and action steps, get unstuck from what's holding you back, and learn something new about goal setting. Using the best principles of short term goals and the 12 week year, you will LOVE the freedom these refreshes bring!

The Fun | Goal setting doesn't have to be a slog—in fact, we believe it should be FUN! After all, we're cultivating the things that matter most to us! Your PowerSheets include beautiful design inside and out, stickers, and bold encouragement as you pursue what matters most.

Choose Your Format | PowerSheets are now available in two different formats—choose from the dated, One-Year gold coil version or the undated, 90-day perfect bound version! Explore more here. For a daily planner option with nudges to goal planning, try the Season by Season Daily Planner. It's perfect to use alongside your One-Year PowerSheets!

Whether you have finance, fitness, or faith goals...
goals to cultivate your family, your business, or your health... 
whether you're just out of college or newly retired...
a mama to five or a single gal charging hard in the corporate world...

PowerSheets are for you. Isn't that neat?! The diversity of this community is one of our absolute favorite things about it! The PowerSheets process is simple, flexible, and, well, powerful, and it's the perfect fit no matter what goals matter most to you. We're so excited for you! 

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Hi! Just one question! One of my favorite bloggers recommended PowerSheets for my goal planning, and I absolutely love the format! However, I already purchased a planner for the year ahead. I was wondering- do you sell the PowerSheets goal planning pages separately? As in, can I purchase the Prep Work, Goal Setting Pages, Monthly Planning Pages, Tending Lists, and Quarterly Refreshes as a separate set apart from the actual planner/agenda portion? I love this format and I would love to start the next year with it. Thanks! :)


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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

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