How to Celebrate New Year's with Intention

How to Celebrate New Year's with Intention

How are we feeling, friends?! There are just a few days left until Christmas, then that glorious stretch between Christmas and New Year's, and then 2019 is upon us. Like you, I'm still very much in holiday mode, but I took a few minutes last night to think ahead to the first day of 2019, and I made plans for how I'd like to spend it. Now is the perfect time to do so, and I included a few tips for you here!

While it's absolutely true that there's nothing magical about January 1st, I'll be the first to admit that there IS something energizing and hopeful about it. Let's kick off the year well!

Begin the year in the way you hope to spend it. Little by little by little, small actions add up! Pick ONE of your PowerSheets® yearly goals and take ONE step towards it on the first day of the year. Want to...

  • Spend more time outside? --> Go for a walk around your neighborhood.
  • Organize family photos? --> Sort through one envelope of prints.
  • Kick your phone habit? --> Stick it in another room while you eat dinner.
  • Save more money? --> Unsubscribe to sales emails.
  • Read the Bible more? --> Open to any page (literally any page!) and read one chapter.
  • Grow your relationship with your kids? --> Spend fifteen minutes doing exactly what they want to do with zero distractions, right in your living room.

This is not complicated. This is not fancy. You don't have to have a grand plan, and you don't have to have every step from beginning to completion mapped out before you start. You just have to DO something. Take a physical action! Switch from planning to doing, at least for the day.

Celebrate your successes. One of the biggest drivers that will keep us moving forward in this new year is recognizing that we are people who can change! We can, we have, and we will improve and make progress! When you remember that you've succeeded in the past, you're less likely to give up when things get tough or progress seems slow. Celebrating your successes builds confidence and instills gratitude, so spend some time by yourself or with people you love, counting the fruit from the past year. Cook or order in a favorite meal to make it a party!

Stay off social media. One of the quickest ways to derail forward momentum, kill hope, and ignite comparison is to hop on Instagram. For one day, free yourself from the temptation to see what others are doing and saying and delight in your own lane. If it feels good, try it again tomorrow :)

Make a plan. I asked you to "start doing" above, and I meant it! Only move to this step if you've already taken action! The first of the month is the perfect time to fill out your January Tending List, plan for the month in your Celebrations Binder, or finish your PowerSheets Prep Work (if you haven't already). Let the glow of feeling equipped and prepared fuel your momentum for the month!

Keep your expectations low. I firmly believe that 99% of my happiness in life is due to having chronically low expectations. That might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but not by much! Every good thing that comes my way, every time something turns out better than I expected, every time someone is kind to me or helps me, every time something is easier than I thought it would be, every time my baby wakes up at 8 am—it's all a delightful surprise. One of the fastest ways to kill joy is to have wildly out-of-proportion expectations. On the first day of the year and every day after it, go in with open hands, ready to work hard, spread kindness, show gratitude—and stay open to the beauty the world has for you.

We'd love to hear! How will you be spending January 1st this year? My family will definitely be outside—hopefully hiking one of our favorite nearby trails :)

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

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