Comparing 90-Day and One-Year PowerSheets: What's Different and What's the Same?

Comparing 90-Day and One-Year PowerSheets: What's Different and What's the Same?

The launch of 90-Day PowerSheets® is just around the corner, and Team Cultivate could not be more excited! We're thrilled to finally get this brand-new tool in your hand and to have a goal planning option for the women who join us throughout the year. There's nothing magical about January 1, and now, with 90-Day PowerSheets, any day can be a fresh start! 

Whether you've used One-Year (or 6-Month!) PowerSheets in the past and are considering making the switch to the 90-day version, or are just curious about the differences between One-Year and 90-Day PowerSheets, this post is for you!

What is the same between One-Year and 90-Day PowerSheets?

Let's start here!

  • All PowerSheets are goal planners—a tool that helps you define, break down, and achieve the things that really matter to you.
  • All PowerSheets follow the same three-step proven process, guiding you to uncover what matters most in your big picture, set your best goals, and live them out with the help of monthly goal-setting worksheets—all based on research. 
  • All have expert goal coaching on every page to keep you motivated and on track.

Both One-Year and 90-Day PowerSheets use the same high-quality paper (120 gsm). They also both include:

  • Monthly calendar spreads
  • Perforated Tending Lists for each month
  • Spaces for Wildcards throughout
  • A review spread at the end of the book to remember the season you've just lived
  • Access to Goal School, our online PowerSheets portal to keep you on-track and accountable

What are the major differences between One-Year and 90-Day PowerSheets?

  • SIZE: 90-Day (90D) PowerSheets are smaller, lighter, and more portable at 6x9" and 128 pages. One-Year (OY) PowerSheets measure 7.75x10.5" with 156 pages.
  • BINDING: OY PowerSheets have a gold coil binding. 90D PowerSheets are perfect bound and lay flat when open.
  • LENGTH: 90D PowerSheets include three months of planning pages. OY PowerSheets include twelve.
  • PREP WORK: The 90D Prep Work is slimmed down to make it simple to complete four times a year - 15 pages, versus 19 in OY.
  • TENDING LIST: The lines for monthly, weekly, and daily action items in the Tending List are distributed differently in 90D and OY (5 monthly, 6 weekly, and 4 daily in 90D).
  • PLANNING PAGES: 90D PowerSheets include weekly planning pages.

Is the Prep Work different in 90-Day PowerSheets?

It is! The Prep Work (the thoughtful questions that guide you to set your best goals) in 90-Day PowerSheets is a slimmed-down version of the original Prep Work. Since you'll be completing it four times a year, we honed in on the most impactful exercises to revisit each quarter!

What elements are unique to One-Year PowerSheets?

Our bestselling and most-loved goal planner remains the legacy pick for big dreamers who find us around the beginning of the year and prefer to keep their goal planning in one designated (beautiful!) spot! 

One-Year PowerSheets have:

  • A pocket on the inside cover for accessories and notes
  • A gold coil binding
  • A sheet of colorful and goil-foil stickers bound in
  • 12 sturdy tabs, one for each month of planning pages
  • Space to build an inspiration board
  • 3 quarterly refreshes to check in on your vision and reset for the season ahead

They also feature the Brainstorm Your Month page across from the Tending List, and all calendar spreads and monthly pages are dated.

What elements are unique to 90-Day PowerSheets?

90-Day PowerSheets combine the proven goal-setting strategies we've honed over the last decade with meaningful weekly planning pages. With 90-Day PowerSheets in hand, you'll make a plan and then use it to live each day well. 

90-Day PowerSheets have:

  • A perfect bound binding that lays flat when open
  • Dot grid Notes page at the beginning and end of every month
  • 23 (!) dot grid and blank pages for you to use however you'd like at the back of the book
  • Two color-coordinated grosgrain bookmarks to mark your place
  • Weekly planning spreads - 5 per month, undated. Each day of the week has an unlined space for jotting appointments, plans, and action steps, and there's also a lined to do section and an unlined notes section.

    Any other questions? We'd love to answer them! Just leave a comment below.

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    Emily Thomas

    Emily Thomas

    Emily Thomas

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