2021 PowerSheets and Pouch Combinations

You've seen the 2021 PowerSheets®. You've seen the 2021 Accessory Pouches. But have you seen them together?! As of today, YES! Use this post to visualize each PowerSheets + pouch combination, then choose your favorite for Launch Day!

This year's version of the Accessory Pouch comes in three new colors, designed to perfectly mix and match with each PowerSheets cover. Whether you're Team Clear Skies or Team Sea Glass, there's an accessory pouch for you!

Curious about how to use your Accessory Pouch? We've got 21 great suggestions beyond, you know, pens and pencils :)

With three solid colored PowerSheets covers to choose from this year, we're partial to the fun and vibrancy the Citrus Garden pouch adds to your goal-setting set-up. Or go full-on blooms-on-blooms with double the Citrus Garden fun!

All of our pouches are generously sized to fit your favorite stickers, markers, pens, and more. They come with a handy stretchy band that fits neatly over your PowerSheets, holding everything together! See all three options and more specs here.

Mark your calendar for PowerSheets Launch Day: October 14th at 10am ET! And see the full Collection right here

Friends, we'd love to hear: which PowerSheets + pouch combo are you choosing? Let us know in the comments!

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