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Are you ready to turn the page on a new year? You want to clear your mind. You want to spend your time intentionally. You want to move into the new year with confidence! But, you have no idea how to get started.

After 2020 is it even safe to make plans anymore?

You've learned a lot this year and you know now that you can't get by without a focus in every season and circumstance. You know that you need an action plan that's flexible and focused on progress—not perfection! You want to feel energized by making steady progress on the things that matter most to you—no matter what comes your way. The 2021 PowerSheets Collection is the breath of fresh air you're looking for—a place to find refreshment and clarity.

Your new year starts here!

Introducing the 2021 PowerSheets®️ Intentional Goal Planners
The PowerSheets® Intentional Goal Planner have helped more than 50,000 women all over the world grow new habits, set life-giving routines, and deepen connections with the people they love. They're perfect for any women, in any season of life —students, empty-nesters, corporate professionals, business owners, love-at-home moms. You'll love it—the most popular and results-backed goal planner, eight years running!
5 stars
Complete Life Changer!
Since I began using my PowerSheets I've seen a major shift in my life and my mindset. My life feels filled with purposeful choices, not just boxes I have to check off.
Find success with the 3-step proven PowerSheets
All good things start with one small step-the key to success is little-by-little progress!
We make it easy to uncover what really matters to you and make a plan you can stick with.
Use your time well, simplify your schedule, and live your life with confidence!
What you'll love about 2021 PowerSheets®
A process that works
Make your goals a reality with intentional goal-setting worksheets for each month, starting with the signature PowerSheets Prep Work. Enjoy page-by-page goal coaching to keep you on track. This research-backed process gets the results you’ve been wanting!
The Six-Month Undated PowerSheets are undated, and perfect for you to start whenever you want.
Bonus resources
Not only will you get free video coaching guiding you through the PowerSheets Prep Work (a $500 value!), you’ll also get goal coaching straight to your inbox each month. Plus, you’ll get access to a downloadable library of Wildcard Pages to customize your goals.
In addition to the accountability within your PowerSheets, you’ll get access to a private community of thousands of women making their goals happen alongside you.
from the best
New! Goal School — Included with Your 2021 PowerSheets Purchase!
You have dreams and goals that matter to you - really matter to you. You want to live an intentional, flourishing life right now—not sometime in the future. "Right now," though, is often overwhelmed, distracted, and busy. The hustle of daily life can feel exhausting and meaningless.

Welcome to Goal School, where you'll learn from the best to be your best.

With ongoing accountability and top-notch teaching, you'll make progress on your goals now and get the most out of the powerful tool you've invested in.
5 stars
Simple and effective
For the first time ever, I have totally enjoyed setting goals! The PowerSheets are simple and effective, making it ever so easy to clarify and pursue what's important. Thank you, thank you!
Your New Year
Begins Here!
New! 2021 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner - $60
The PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner takes the overwhelm out of life by helping you focus on the right goals that matter! Students, empty-nesters, corporate professionals, business owners, love-at-home moms, and 50,000+ women all over the world have found success with the PowerSheets proven process. The most popular and results-backed goal planner, nine years running!
What Matters!
New! Six Month Undated PowerSheets - $44
Finally achieve your goals with the best-selling PowerSheets®️ Intentional Goal Planner. The most popular and results-backed goal planner, nine years running! Our Six Month Undated PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner included six months of intentional goal-setting worksheets and coaching to help you set goals and follow through.
It's back...
Experience a life-changing day of expert coaching and guidance.
Cultivate Your Year Live: Online! — $49 during Launch Week only!
  • Uncover a big picture vision for your life that will give you focus in every season and circumstance.
  • Make a flexible action plan to live out what matters to you!
  • Feel energized to take small steps forward, tending to your goals little by little. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you'll leave this day with an action plan you can't wait to move forward on!
Mark What
New! 2021 Goal Setting Sticker Book - $15
Stickers turn your PowerSheets into a party! Use the 1,200+ stickers (!) on your PowerSheets®, day planner, journal, birthday cards, or lunch box notes. The sure-to-be favorites? The pep talk stickers, alphabet letters, and the dots and flags of our signature color-coding system.
Zip Zip
New! 2021 Accessory Pouch - $18
Your favorite zipper pouch is back in 3 new designs! Keep all your go-to accessories (stickers, tending tape, postcards, and more!) together with this fun and practical pouch. The built-in stretchy band wraps perfectly around your PowerSheets, journal, or day planner—a must-have in Citrus Garden, Mint, and Pink.
With it!
New! 2021 Tending Tape Set - $12
Make your goals stick with this inspiring, colorful washi tape! The 2021 Tending Tape set, which includes five unique rolls of washi tape, will help you keep it all together in your PowerSheets® or day planner. Hang your Tending List in a prominent spot, tape in your PowerSheets Wildcard pages, seal envelopes, or use it anywhere you'd like as a reminder to cultivate what matters.
Every day!
New! Gift Wrap Book - $24
Stay inspired and organized all year long with the limited-edition 2021 Wall Calendar—the perfect place for important dates, celebrations, milestones, and keeping the family's schedule together. A new inspiring message and art piece each month will help you focus on what matters in 2021!
A great week,
every week
New! 2021 Weekly Sticky Notepad - $15
This best-selling notepad is back! With a weekly view on one side, a checklist on the other, and a special spot for your top three priorities each week, this notepad is versatile and impactful. Use it for daily to-dos, meal planning, grocery shopping, content planning, and more!
Add some
New! Color-Coding Marker Set - $18
NEW! The best way to mark progress and customize your PowerSheets! This happy set of 11 colorful markers is sized just right to fill in your Tending List progress bars. Complete your color-coding system—these markers are color-matched to the flags and dots in the Goal-Setting Sticker Book!
With Joy!
Limited Edition! Daily Planner Notepad - $15
You've never needed this helpful tool more! With the limited-edition Daily Planner Notepad, you'll organize your days and keep track of your top priorities—great for adding your PowerSheets goal action steps! Perfect for keeping on your counter or desk, you'll set life-giving routines and get the things that matter most to you done with this useful notepad.
Good Things Grow
New! Little-by-little journal - $20
A meaningful life is built by small actions done consistently over time. The Little-By-Little Journal helps you notice and celebrate those little-by-little steps forward toward a life of cultivating what matters! Each day, fill in the date and write something you're grateful for, your goal progress, a special memory, a great decision you made, or something you want to remember. In capturing these thoughts, you'll cultivate a habit of noticing and watch your meaningful life grow and flourish!
Find Your
New! Magnetic Page Markers - $9
Never waste time trying to find where you left off! These durable, super-cute magnetic page markers will help you finish what you started. Use them to mark important pages or the current month in your PowerSheets, this month's Tending List, or your spot in the current read on your nightstand.
With Color!
New! Planner Sticker Pack - $9
Add some color and organization to your planner or calendar with the new Planner Sticker Pack! From celebrations to appointments, self-care to due dates, movie nights to meetings, you can mark what matters and then some.
Your PowerSheets
New! Wildcard Page Pack | Everyday Essentials - $10
Easily and quickly customize your 2021 PowerSheets with the 2021 Wildcard Page Pack. Your pack includes 24 colorful, pre-printed and perfectly-sized Wildcard Pages so you can make progress on your goals right away. You'll enjoy several new designs this year! From organization and decluttering to book lists and bucket lists, tape them into your PowerSheets to make your unique goals happen. (You'll find pages throughout your PowerSheets reserved for them!)
Best Seller Bundle
$95 $115 save $20!
One-Year PowerSheets
2021 Goal Setting Sticker Book
Wildcard Page Pack
Accessory Pouch
Tending Tape Set

Custom Bundle

New this year! Build your own custom bundle for one flat price.

Choose your PowerSheets cover and your choice of six brand new accessories for just $115.

Pick Six from: Sticker Book, Marker Set, Tending Tape, Wildcard Page Pack, Magnetic Page Markers, Little by Little Journal, Planner Sticker Pack, Accessory Pouch, Break It Down Notepad, Daily Planner Notepad

I Want It All Bundle
$95 $115 save $20!
One-Year PowerSheets
2021 Goal Setting Sticker Book
Wildcard Page Pack
Accessory Pouch
Tending Tape Set
Magnetic Page Markers
Weekly Sticky Notepad
Planner Sticker Pack
2021 Wall Calendar
Little By Little Journal
Color Coding Marker Set
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