12 Creative Ways to Use a Monthly Planner

12 Creative Ways to Use a Monthly Planner

If you’re a “planner person”, you might have accumulated several different monthly spreads, especially if you’re using Cultivate’s goal planning systems—there are monthly spreads in PowerSheets, Season by Season Daily Planner, the 2023 Monthly Planner, and more!

So what can we do with them all? Can they really help us maximize our productivity? Yes, they can!

Today we’re sharing 12 creative ways to use your monthly spreads—and flipping through the 2023 Monthly Planner, too!

  1. 02:49 | Wellness Tracker
  2. 03:36 | Meal Planner
  3. 04:04 | Budget Keeper
  4. 05:41 | Gratitude Journal
  5. 06:21 | Word of the Day Tracker
  6. 06:55 | Book or Reading Log
  7. 07:36 | Housekeeping Planner
  8. 08:39 | Event Planner
  9. 09:52 | Family Hub
  10. 10:36 | Habit Tracker
  11. 12:02 | Memory Keeper
  12. 12:27 | Goal Action Step Planner

P.S. Have your own ideas for how to use monthly spreads we forgot to mention? Share them in the comments below!

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— 2023 One-Year PowerSheets:https://cultivatewhatmatters.com/collections/powersheets/products/2023-one-year-powersheets-goal-planner

— 90-Day PowerSheets: https://cultivatewhatmatters.com/collections/powersheets/products/2023-90-day-powersheets

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