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The Family Workbook

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The Family Workbook

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Building an intentional family life and close, warm relationships with the ones you love are some of the most important (and often joyful!) ways you can spend your time. When you think about your legacy—what will remain after you’re gone—how you might pour into the people closest to you is likely a priority.

Consider the Family Workbook to be PowerSheets for your family! Whether you are newly pregnant or find yourself having to reach up when you hug your kids, you have the opportunity to grow a strong, intentional family culture. Any day can be a fresh start.

In this workbook, you’ll follow our time-tested steps to cultivate what matters:

  • Uncover what matters. First, you’ll uncover a big-picture vision for your family life through a series of simple (fun!) guided questions.
  • Break it down. Then, you’ll set simple goals for the year that will move you closer to that vision. They’ll help you decide where to spend your time—and where you won’t. This will feel so good! You’ll also spend time focusing on each of your children and making a plan for how you can help them thrive.
  • Live it out. Finally, you’ll use your monthly pages to focus on habits, rhythms, and action items that guide you and your family to live each day with intention.

You'll love...

  • The interactive format, with plenty of room for brainstorming and making a plan
  • The Family Library, chock-full of ideas, resources, and recommendations to add joy and depth to your family’s days
  • That it's a one-stop-shop: everything you need for a year of living intentionally as a family!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or building on intentional practices you’ve already put in place, we hope this workbook will inspire and equip you to make your family life a priority. With small, consistent steps forward over time, your efforts will add up—no perfection required.

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Product Details:

  • Measures 7.75" x 9.75"
  • 204 pages
  • Cover made of flexible cardstock with scuff-resistant matte lamination and rounded corners
  • 120 gsm paper

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Isabel S.

My family has been doing family meetings for a while but I always wanted to have it in a nice notebook so we could record how we've advanced over the year. I actually started designing one...but then I found this and now we're using it! Thank you for a wonderful resource!

Family Foundations

We’ve been doing weekly family meetings for a while but this was the perfect compliment to help guide our time together to be a bit more intentional. I love this workbook and am so excited to see how it blesses our family in 2024.

Excited to dig in!

Last year was my first year to use Power Sheets. I love that these are like Power Sheets for my family and am excited to dig in. I particularly like the recommended reading section and the weekly family meetings.

Kristi Veis
Family Workbook

Love the hardcover of this book. Cannot wait to explore with my kiddos as I am preparing for 2024. I've enjoyed reading all the prep material in front. Would recommend to other families who want to have an intentional year.