Welcome to Your Mid-Year Refresh!

We're halfway through the year, and now it's time for a Mid-Year Refresh—a chance to pause, refresh, celebrate, and move forward with clarity on your goals and what matters most!

No matter how this year has gone—what you have or have not accomplished—your progress, your intention, your effort, your joy is worth celebrating! And so this week, whether you're a PowerSheets® user or not, join us in beating the heat and diving into a simple 2022 refresh. You'll be so glad you did!

There are three steps to the Mid-Year Refresh. Download this simple worksheet and spend a few minutes with these prompts!

1. Refresh your mind. What simple action steps can you take this week to clear your mind and gain a fresh perspective? (Try one of ours if you're stuck!)

2. Refresh your big picture. You’ve gained new perspective this year about what matters and what doesn’t in the big picture. Now, imagine yourself years from now. Looking back on the whole of your life, where will you be grateful you spent your time and attention? 

3. Refresh your focus. Knowing what matters to you in the big picture helps you to know where to use your time—it helps you to focus instead of trying to do it all. What is the ONE THING you most want to cultivate in the second half of this year?

And of course, you can expect a healthy dose of Cultivate fun every day this week!

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To kick this week of celebration off, we'd love to hear: what's one goal win you're celebrating from the first half of 2022? Don't be shy—we'd love to cheer you on in the comments!

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