We’re Hiring a Marketing Director

We’re Hiring a Marketing Director

by: Amber Housley

Note: We are no longer accepting applications for this position. Friends, we’re excited to announce that we’re hiring a full-time Marketing Director! Get all the details and apply here. Our Marketing Director, Amber, is moving into a new role with us and we’re cheering her on in her journey ahead. Read more about how Amber is cultivating what matters in her own life below. 

Over the past year, my PowerSheets have helped me stay focused on a top priority this last year: self-care. I’ve spent many years putting others needs above my own and I finally realized the importance of filling my cup first so I have more love and energy to give others. This past year, my husband’s career transitioned into one with almost weekly travel, and I truthfully struggled in the self-care category while maintaining some resemblance of normal home life for our two kids, in addition to working full-time and running a small business.

Another common thread that came up often in my PowerSheets was the desire for more adventures with the kids. Our daughter has one more year left until she begins full-time school, and I’ve felt a tug to have more focus and flexibility with our family. I have long felt the least equipped for motherhood out of all the roles I’m called to. I’ve always thought my gifts were better served in my career than at home, but there has been a gentle tugging for me to try something different. As someone who is a self-proclaimed workaholic, I’m working on changing my identity box to be one that puts my family first and my work second.

With these things in mind, I recently transitioned to a limited consulting role on the Cultivate team. I’m thrilled to still have a hand in guiding the overall marketing strategy, campaigns, and product launches while being able to devote time to my family in this season. Letting go of my more day-to-day role at this amazing company was not an easy thing, but, like we teach others, letting go of what is so good now opens the possibility for something else to grow in this next season ahead.

The last two years have been extraordinary—from the work I’ve been able to do to the people I’ve had the joy of working alongside and serving, and I’m confident our new Marketing Director will have the same experience! If this position sounds like a great fit for you, we’d love to meet you!

During recent interviews for new hires, I was asked about my favorite part of working for this company. To see the fruit of my work is the best thing to witness. To see lives transformed and changed for the better in our customers is a true gift. I sincerely believe our products are meant for the hands of women all over the world, and it is an honor to help continue to make that happen through our marketing campaigns—while loving my family and cultivating what matters here in the Housley home, too.

I look forward to meeting our newest team member in the coming months, and I can’t wait to serve our community together!

Know someone who might be a good fit? We’d love for you to share this post with them! You can find all the details here.

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