Unboxing My 2023 PowerSheets Order

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Wildcards You’ll Receive in Each Pack:

  • Goals At-A-Glance (4): Easily keep your 2022 goals in front of you. Refresh 4 times a year with your quarterly goals!
  • Perpetual Calendar (1): Track birthdays and anniversaries month-by-month
  • Fun List (4): A blank checklist for a seasonal bucket list or to record favorite memories
  • Organize + Declutter (1): Make a list of spaces to organize and a plan for when
  • What to Read Next (1): For bookworms and casual readers alike
  • Books Read This Year (1): Keep notes on your favorites 
  • Lifegiving Home (1): A simple checklist for household routines
  • Relationship Tending (1): Brainstorm ways to love on your family and friends
  • Financial Check-In (2): Understand your overall assets and liabilities at a glance and stay on track with financial goals
  • Go-To Meals (1): At-a-glance favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 
  • Go-To Dinners (1): At-a-glance favorites for the trickiest meal
  • My Daily Rhythms (1): Record your morning and evening routines
  • A Year of Celebration (1): See major holidays and your own unique occasions in one place 
  • Celebrating Wins (1): Record your little-by-little victories
  • My Legacy (1): Simple prompts to start dreaming
  • Weekend Reset (1): Prepare well for the week ahead


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