Stories from PowerSheets Giveaway Recipients

Stories from PowerSheets Giveaway Recipients

by: Cultivate Team

In celebration of Cultivate What Matters Week, we wanted to share the stories of some special women who are cultivating what matters in their own lives that we’ve recently “met,” thanks to your generous nominations!

The whole reason we changed the name of our business last year was because we knew we needed a platform to tell other people’s stories-YOUR stories! Last month, we posted an open call asking for nominations of special ladies to receive a sold out One-Year PowerSheets Workbook, and the stories that came in were incredible! The best part? These are ladies who have been cultivating what matters in their own lives before having PowerSheets in hand (though we changed that with some happy mail!)

As we celebrate a week of little by little progress, we thought there was no better time to celebrate these women. We hope these stories will touch your heart as much as they touched ours and encourage you to start cultivating what matters to you right now-right where you are! Like our Cultivate Manifesto says, “we believe that good things grow over time, through little by little progress.”

Sonia’s Story, nominated by her daughter

“Sonia is my mother. Throughout my struggle with mental illness, she has stood with me and helped me to take the steps to heal. She has encouraged, shown compassion, and nudged me always in the right direction. She would give me the best advice each day: take it moment by moment, step by step. I feel that her belief in me helped me believe in myself. In the past two years my mother has experienced very extreme and severe hardship. She found out that her husband was battling numerous addictions, and she stood by his side sacrificing so much to serve him throughout treatment. When it became evident that he was not willing to recover, she bravely walked away from the emotionally abusive relationship. She welcomed my sister and brother into her home when they lost theirs. She took on two extra jobs to support herself and her children. During that time, she also began having health issues that were not covered when her insurance was unexpectantly terminated. She also is a caretaker for my grandmother and never fails to make time for her. Throughout all of her suffering, she has not once wavered in her belief that God has faith in her path and endurance. She continues to selflessly care for those around her. I nominate her because, as everything seems to be crumbling in her life, the PowerSheets may help her see a new light. They may be the ticket to healing and thriving when it can feel like there is so little hope for her to hold onto in this new season. After caring for so many people, I would like her to invest in her own healing.”

Catherine’s Story, nominated by her sister

“Catherine is my sister, and although younger by two years, she is my inspiration! She pursues her faith, relationships, and life-purpose so gracefully and generously and always encourages me in my own goals. She’s my best friend. Catherine introduced me to the PowerSheets, and we both fantasized about getting sets and working on them together. However, they simply weren’t in the budget for the foreseeable future. When she saw that you were hiding a set in our town of Greenville, SC on your PowerSheets Road Trip she hunted it down and (so generously!!) surprised me by gifting it to me instead of keeping it and enjoying it for herself. I would LOVE to be able to return the surprise and gift her!”

Marcie’s Story, nominated by her husband

“Marcie is the love of my life, a wonderful mother, and my best friend. She is the lifeblood of our family, keeps us together, and on track with our goals.”

Wilma’s Story, nominated by her daughter

“Wilma is my momma, and she is always there when I need her! Every day, she teaches me what it means to be a strong woman! Because of her example, I have an amazing relationship with both of my daughters. She has atrial fibrillation and received a pacemaker in December. A month later, she was diagnosed with stage 3A breast cancer. She just started chemotherapy, and she is trying really hard to stay positive and upbeat. I think PowerSheets will help her set goals, manage her life in this season, and, most of all, encourage her. She is my rock, and at 48 years old, I still call my momma every single day!”

Allison’s Story, nominated by her best friend

“Allison is my absolute best friend. She is an amazing woman of God, creative, smart, talented, beautiful and always there to encourage me! She is a homeschooling Mama who just made a cross-country move with her four young children to support her husband and his growing business. In this new season, she’s trying to figure out her family’s goals and direction for this new chapter. She wants the best for her family and just needs a bit of guidance in figuring out what their goals are. PowerSheets would be an amazing tool for her!”

Lilli’s Story, nominated by a family friend

“Lilli is an incredible young woman who truly knows what she wants out of life. She’s the toughest and smartest teenager I know! She is highly discerning and capable. Lilli is in a season of transition, having graduated high school early and now working on college decisions. She is in a place where she’s looking to set goals and make progress. She really wanted a set, but didn’t hear about PowerSheets until they were sold out!”

Katherine’s Story, nominated by her daughter

“Katherine is my mom, and she is the most organized person I know! She plans ahead in years (it’s crazy!) She loves to plan but more than anything she loves to help others plan. She sacrifices a lot to be able to selflessly give people what she wishes she could have had at a young age. She ordered a set of PowerSheets for herself but she remembered how much I wanted one and gave it to me when they were sold out! She’s the true definition of a mom-sacrificing things she loves for her children.”

We are grateful to the men and women who took the time to share these stories with us! It’s not too late to get a set of PowerSheets; we’ve opened preorders for our Six-Month PowerSheets Workbooks that are expected to ship by late May!

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