Our Favorite PowerSheets Hacks

Our Favorite PowerSheets Hacks

by: Cultivate Team

One of the things we often say about PowerSheets is how they are perfect for anyone-moms, students, creatives, entrepreneurs—who needs a grace-filled goal-setting system that works! There is flexibility to use the workbook in the way that works best for you, and the PowerSheets Facebook Group has shown us that our PowerSheets users are some of the most creative ladies (and gents!) out there!

The Cultivate Team often found ourselves sharing about some of the PowerSheets hacks in our team meetings or sending a text to one another that said “did you see what Julie did with her PowerSheets in the Facebook group?!” We decided to round up some of the best PowerSheets “Hacks” for a blog post in hopes that it would encourage others to continue to make little by little progress in cultivating what matters in their own lives.

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite PowerSheets “Hacks” below!


Michelle T. uses sticky notes to write verses and prayers out to add to her PowerSheets. This would also be an easy way to move certain things over each month without having to rewrite them!

Nicole worked hard to find a flexible, durable, and easy to clean cover for the PowerSheets! But we though Taylor S. (and many others!)’s suggestion to slide their PowerSheets into Happy Planner covers is a genius way to transport them around!

If you’re looking for a way to easily flip to your Monthly Tending List, Amanda A. told us the inkWELL Press Gold Ruler snaps perfectly into the PowerSheets coil so you can easily find your Tending List!


Photo via Amanda A.

One of my work goals is to send more happy mail to our customers, and I love Evangelina C.’s suggestion to add a small Post-It Pocket to the inside cover of her pages and fill it with stationery so she can easily check that off her Tending List!

“I wrote each of my seven big 2017 goals in different color and then wrote my tending list items in the same color as the goal they go with. It’s helps me see which goals I am making progress. It also helps me stop from put things on my tending list that don’t help me make progress on my goals.” -Laura M. via Alexandra Y.


We were so excited about the perforated Tending Lists in 2017 PowerSheets, so we love hearing how Laura K. uses it each month! She folds her Tending List into her Erin Condren planner so that she only has to carry one planner around!

If you’re always looking for a nearby pen during PowerSheets Prep, take a loop of ribbon and a hot glue gun to add a pen holder to your PowerSheets like Gretchen F did!

Just like, Laura K, LK Harris uses the pocket in her Simplified Planner to hold the Tending List each month!


Another great way to make sure your Tending List stays front and center each month is to hang the Tending List on a clipboard by your desk like Jennifer M. does!

If any of her weekly goals are 2 times a week habits, Ellie H. divides the box into two small triangles. She colors in each triangle once she’s completed them!

Use the stripes on the tabs and a ruler to turn it into a monthly calendar and track your big to-do!

I loved Harley R.’s suggestion so much that I adopted it for my PowerSheets! If one of Harley’s Weekly Goals is done on a certain day (for example, meal prep on Sundays) then in the box, she will write in pencil the number of each day it should be on (so, each Sunday in Feb: 5, 12, 19, 24). This helps her to cross it off on the correct day!


Do you have anything to add to the list? Leave us a comment and share your wisdom! If you’re not already a member of the PowerSheets Facebook Group, we hope you join us for inspiration and encouragement from this amazing community!

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