October PowerSheets PrepCast

by Abbie Armstrong September 22, 2020 0 Comments

October PowerSheets PrepCast

October is coming! The crisp autumn weather, the vibrant colors of the changing leaves, yummy pumpkin muffins, cozy sweaters, and BRAND NEW PowerSheets, of course! (October 14th - mark your calendars!)

While this year has been hard, you've grown so much and gotten clear about what matters most. You learned how to live intentionally and grow good things! Let's come together to cultivate gratitude for how this season has strengthened and grown us. Grab your PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner® and join Lara as you get ready for a gratitude-filled October!

Psst—new to the PrepCast? With Lara as your guide, you’ll walk through your monthly prep pages together in about 30 minutes. Enjoy accountability and encouragement as you plan for October!

Helpful timestamps:

  • 1:45 - Let's take a look at the progress you made in September.Remember, not everything needs to be checked off––little by little really adds up!

  • 3:00 - Turn the page to cultivate some gratitude and focus on some of the good things that grew.

  • 4:45 - Write what's true for youright now. What are you going to say "yes" to this month? What are you going to say "no" to?

  • 6:40 - Flip over to your new month. How are you feeling? What's on your mind? Then end the time with what's giving you hope right now.

  • 9:10 - Let's fill out your Monthly Calendar spread! You can get creative with this page if you'd like. A great idea is to write out all the things on your calendar this month, like appointments and plans, to see how much time you have left.

  • 14:10 - Turn that page over! Remind yourself of what your goals are this year. Flip back to your Prep Work and choose the goals you want to focus on this month. Use the right column as brain space to break down your goals!

  • 19:10 - Ready to sort through your list? Let's do it!Narrow down your list and circle the goals and action ideas that are most important, then simplify your goals by crossing things out that aren't as important this month.

  • 23:17 - Time for a dance party because it's time to do your Tending List!🎉 Choose how you’re going to spend your time this month and what you’re going to focus on daily, weekly, and monthly.

  • 29:00 - Make it fun! Add some color and your stickers to make your Tending List happy!

  • 32:10 - On to the Goal Refresh! Flip over to the Fall tab to write what you're going to savor this season.

  • 35:00 - Turn the page to evaluate and check in. What things are growing well? What needs some more nurturing? Whatever is true for you–write it out, no perfection required.

  • 40:00 - Choose what matters most! You can rewrite and recommit to tending to those big picture goals, or change things up.

  • 44:00 - Make it colorful! Add some flags to color-code your goals or make it your own with fun stickers.

Key Takeaways for your October Prep Pages:

  • This is all about progress, not perfection. There is so much joy to be found along the way, not just at the finish line. It's okay to grow slow! 

  • Your Tending List doesn't need to be perfect! Just choose what you think will work best for the month ahead. Remember, it's unlikely you'll finish this month having checked everything off your list.

  • Quick color coding tip: Assign a color to each one of your big picture goals and then assign that same color to each of your action items on your Tending List. 

  • Set a reminder to read your goals each week and remind yourself what matters most.

You’re ready for a gratitude-filled October and we’re cheering you on! You can do this! 

Abbie Armstrong
Abbie Armstrong

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