May PowerSheets PrepCast

May PowerSheets PrepCast

by: Meg Prellwitz

Life is different. None of us have ever done this before! And we may not have a whole lot of the things we had when we started out this year. 

But, there's one thing we all have now that we didn't have before: a new perspective.  You know more now than ever what matters in the big picture and what doesn't.

Let's take a little break together and talk about how to move forward with this perspective in May. Let's get some fresh air! Grab your PowerSheets® Intentional Goal Planner and join Lara outside in the garden during the PowerSheets PrepCast for May.

—new to the Prepcast? It's your new favorite way to complete your monthly prep pages! Join Lara to walk through your month page-by-page in about 30 minutes. Easy and enjoyable, with accountability, encouragement, and a musical soundtrack to boot! 

Helpful timestamps:

  • 3:50 - Flip to your "Month in Review" page for April.
  • 7:20 - Let's process our thoughts and make some new plans. Turn over to your "Prepare Well" page for May!
  • 11:00 - Flip over to your Calendar page and get creative with how to use your cleared schedule (page 102 if you're using One Year PowerSheets). 
  • 16:00 - Flip back to the very beginning of your PowerSheets and remind yourself what matters most in the bigger picture (page 23 if you're using One Year PowerSheets). 
  • 19:15 - Now you have a clear view of what matters and what doesn't. Flip back to the page right before your May Tending List. Write down some possible ideas to focus on this month and some really small action items. 
  • 22:25 - Let's dream. What does it mean for you to live a cultivated month, little by little, throughout May? What could it look like? Write your ideas down. 
  • 24:40 - Now that you have that picture in your mind—let's do something about it! Decide what to put on your May Tending List to move forward little by little. Remember, it's okay to change your mind!
  • 26:30 - Write down some encouraging words! Remind yourself you can change your mind. Your Tending List doesn't have to be perfect. 
  • 29:00 - You did it. (No perfect list needed!) You now have a clear picture of where you're headed in May, no matter the circumstances.

Key takeaways for your May Prep Pages: 

  • We called 2020 the year of clear vision. Through this experience, you may not be able to plan your next month, but you know for sure what matters right now, right where you are. You can do something with that vision!
  • It's okay to pivot. It's okay to change your mind! And, it's okay if your goals are completely different this month. 
  • Get creative with your Monthly Calendar spread! Lots of ideas here.
  • We're all going through grief. We're feeling a lot of uncertainty and loss. Use your "Prepare Well" page to write out your thoughts and to process. Give your thoughts a place on paper!
  • Take the pressure off! The relieving thing about the PowerSheets process? We focus on progress, not perfection, and over time, your little-by-little progress will add up.

You're ready for a great May. There's still so much we can cultivate, and day by day, little by little, it will add up. 

P.S. Make the most of your time right now. If you don't have your Six-Month PowerSheets yet, now is a great time to start. We recommend the Starter Bundle to help you live out what matters in this season! 

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