How to Take a Leap in 2019

How to Take a Leap in 2019

by: Cultivate Team

In times of change or transition or times when there's simply too much to do and not enough time to do it (are you feeling that?), you have a choice. This is an opportunity to shift. Opportunities to say yes to what matters, no to what doesn’t, and take a few leaps—big and small—along the way.

Need some encouragement? Join Lara Casey and one of our MTH Conference alum and Encouragers, Shunta Grant, for an honest conversation on how to step out and take a leap in 2019!

When you watch the video, you'll also hear us mention technical difficulties with inviting past alum Rita Goodroe to join us, so we wanted to give her the opportunity to share her encouragement, too! We're working on scheduling a new Live conversation with her so you can hear more, but we didn't want to keep her wisdom from you :)

Tell us about a leap of faith you've taken! How did you fight the fear? How did you get to where you are now?

Since 2011, I’ve been in a pattern of nothing but leaps of faith! In 2011, a long-term relationship ended and I found myself with many questions. To help me get over the break-up, celebrate my 35th birthday, and grow personally, I brainstormed an idea to go on 35 dates in 35 consecutive days—and blog the entire process

I decided to not learn anything about the men before the dates, and I asked the men to pick the activity. The point wasn’t to find love, but to do things I wouldn't normally do, meet people I wouldn't normally meet, and grow in the process! By mapping out who I was, I was able to recognize patterns and habits that were sabotaging all areas of my life, creating the opportunity to tap into my full potential. 

Thanks to events that stemmed from writing the blog, I ended up taking another leap and leaving my life as a business attorney (a 13-year career) to become a dating and relationship coach. I’m a believer that life rewards action, and this action continues to flow in many rewards! My business grew at a rapid pace, and within months, I'd met and surpassed my revenue as an attorney!

I started mentoring women entrepreneurs, and I founded a free community called Women’s Business Garden, which provides education and resources to women entrepreneurs. From there, I fully shifted into my role as a business mentor and strategist and owner of “Rita Made Me Do It, LLC” where I help women entrepreneurs take bold actions that create big results in their business in ways that are aligned with their values and are FUN. 

What would you tell someone looking to take a leap in 2019?

I get it; making a leap is scary! I used to be that girl who kept both feet firmly planted on the ground. I was a perfectionist. I needed a guarantee that something would work out before I would even start. If there was any doubt about my ability to do something well and succeed, I wouldn’t do it at all. I was worried about what people would think, and I was worried about making a mistake.

As I read the success stories of people I admired, I noticed something. At one point, every single one of them had grown exhausted and frustrated with holding back and they decided to move through the fear and take the first step. They fully stepped into the belief that they could help people and do big things, even if these things were not polished or perfect.

It was such a relief to hear caring, happy, high-achieving people tell me to let go of my fears, worries, and doubts, and take a leap. My life changed when I decided to think differently, and I know the same is possible for yours, too. Mistakes are okay to make! People are forgiving (and most likely don’t even notice), and you can always revise and change course! Stop focusing on where you’ll land after you leap and just concentrate on getting your feet off the floor, and you’ll be doing more and achieving more.

What would you tell someone interested in coming to the MTH Conference?

When I first discovered the MTH Conference, I hesitated for WEEKS before registering. I was in a really good place in my life and business, and I felt I was already "the person I was made to be.” I wondered if MTH could contribute anything else, but I couldn’t shake the feeling I was supposed to attend. So, I clicked the registration button knowing I'd make new connections and get to meet the CWM team!

Boy am I glad that I went! When they say that MTH is for everyone, it really is for EVERYONE. MTH isn’t just for all ages, marital status, and professions—it’s for anyone in any season of life, even those who feel like things are going wonderfully!

It's hard for me to describe the full impact of the conference because part of the magic is not knowing what happens behind those conference doors before you attend. Who am I to spoil the magic? I can and will say that it challenged me and pushed me to dig deep, step into some truths, and make discoveries that moved my life and business forward to levels I hadn't even been able to imagine. In fact, the impact was so great that I registered for the following conference. And when I walk into the conference room in March, I’ll be a third-time attendee, with friends in tow!

What I can promise you is if you are feeling called to attend the MTH Conference, clicking the registration button will be the start of receiving all of those rewards. And if you are attending, say hello! I’d love to meet you and celebrate your leap of faith!

Are you ready to take the leap, and join us in person at Making Things Happen Conference in March? Register now! Now through January 31st, you can get nearly 50% off your ticket with the early-bird rate! Send an email if you have questions about payment plans or the Conference itself!

We'd love to hear from you! What big leaps do you have planned in 2019? Leave a comment below so we can cheer you on!

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