FREE Ways to Make Progress on Your Goals

You’ve done the prep work and set your goals—now you’re ready to take action!

When setting new goals, we understand how important it is to have helpful resources along the way, while also wanting to balance your goals and your paycheck. 

Whether you’ve set a finance, fitness, reading, or career goal, we’ve put together a list of FREE ideas and resources that can help you make progress on your goals without breaking the bank. 

Don't let your budget hold you back. Choose one from the list that pertains to a goal you have! 

Are you ready? Let's do this! 

Fitness goal:

  • Watch and complete a free YouTube workout video
  • Download Couch to 5K to start making running a daily habit. 
  • Try the Peloton App free for 30 days. You’ll be able to access a library of classes ranging from running, strength, cycling, yoga and more.
  • Sweaty Betty has a bank of free home workout videos. If you’ve ever wanted to try ballet or boxing, now’s the time!
  • If you’re looking for some big laughs and a fun dance party, go back and watch Mid-Year Refresh Dance Party with Gina Zeidler! As the saying goes, when in doubt, dance it out :)

Reading goals:

  • Signing up for a free e-book app through your library so you can complete your reading goal for the year without going over budget with Amazon prime!
  • Try Bookly, an app that helps you track your books and make reading a habit. 
  • Grab a book from a Little Free Library near you. Here's a map to find a location close to you. 
  • Check out the list of books Team Cultivate is reading this summer here.

Finance goals:

  • Check out this free budget worksheet from Money Fit to help you stay on track. 
  • Try a free budgeting app like consider an app like YNAB, Mint, Good Budget, or Every Dollar Counts. 
  • Listen to a personal finance podcast, like Entreeleadership and Matrimoney.
  • Use Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball Calculator to find out how quickly you could be debt-free. 

Career goals:

  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Check out this list for suggestions like adding an updated photo, writing a new headline, and filtering through your skills and endorsements.
  • Update your resume. Add any new references or skills you’ve learned recently to make you stand out to employers.
  • Watch this TED Talk from best-selling author Angela Lee Duckworth about why grit is so important in the workplace--and a predictor of success.
  • Practice your interview skills using this list of helpful tips! 
  • Set up a mock interview with a friend or family member and answer these top 10 job interview questions

Family goals:

  • Take a CPR or first aid class online together!
  • Create a family mission statement. Use this worksheet to get started.
  • Try learning a new skill together--like juggling! Check out a tutorial video here.
  • Get outside and take a family adventure walk to spend quality time together. Here’s a fun list of things your kids can look for while walking.
  • Make a chore chart together. Chore charts can seem boring, but they don’t have to be if you collaborate as a family! Here’s a few printable charts to get started.

What free resources are you using this year to make progress on your goals? Comment below—we’d love to hear!

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