All About the Season by Season Daily Planner: Your FAQs Answered!

All About the Season by Season Daily Planner: Your FAQs Answered!

by: Emily Thomas

The launch of the Cultivate What Matters Season by Season™ 2023 Daily Planner is just around the corner, and Team Cultivate could not be more excited! We're thrilled to finally get this much-requested, brand-new tool in your hand. By combining big-picture perspective, gentle reminders of what matters most, and meaningful daily planning pages, the Season by Season planner will help you live well in your current season, one day at time.

Considering switching to the Season by Season Daily Planner in 2023? We're honored, and want you to feel confident in your decision. These frequently-asked questions are for you!

P.S. Don't miss this central spot for all things Season by Season, which will answer even more of your questions!

Does the Season by Season Daily Planner replace PowerSheets?

Nope! PowerSheets® are irreplaceable, right? :) The Season by Season planner is designed to work hand-in-hand with your PowerSheets, though it can also be used alone. It includes intentional nods to the PowerSheets process, but it is a true daily planner—not a goal planner. 

Will it pair well with One-Year PowerSheets?

Yes! Since PowerSheets help you uncover your unique priorities and determine what to put in your planner, the Season by Season Daily Planner is a perfect companion. And while SBS and One-Year PowerSheets don't have to be used together (either can be used on their own!), we think you’ll love the intentional nods to PowerSheets throughout. They work together seamlessly!

And stay tuned: we have a blog post coming next week all about how to use the Season by Season planner alongside your PowerSheets!

If I use PowerSheets, do I need the Season by Season Daily Planner?

You do not, but we hope you’ll give it a try! :) PowerSheets have always been and still are flexible enough to pair with the calendar system of your choice—some gals prefer to use a notepad, some a digital system like GCal or iCal, and others a traditional paper planner. You’ll love using this planner alongside your PowerSheets if you enjoy using daily planning layouts.

How much of the PowerSheets Prep Work is in the daily planner?

The short answer: not much. The Season by Season planner includes just a few, unique pages of Prep Work to help you focus on your priorities as you begin each season. We recommend completing the Quarterly Refresh pages in your PowerSheets alongside each Season Ahead section in your SBS. These two 90-day progress markers were designed to complement each other! 

What is the price of the Season by Season planner?

The 2023 Season by Season Daily Planner is $64.

What specs should I know?

The Season by Season planner measures 6x9” and weighs 2.25 pounds, comparable to other premium planners on the market. It has a gold wire-o binding and gold protective corners. It’s printed on 100gsm paper — slightly lighter than the PowerSheets paper weight  to keep it as light as possible (even with all the goodness we included)! 

What are the dates of the 2023 Season by Season Planner?

This is a 2023 dated daily planner. It includes planning pages for Monday, December 26, 2022 through Sunday, December 31, 2023.

What cover options are available?

The Season by Season planner has a Natural Linen cover. With our first batch, we intentionally chose a versatile neutral to compliment your PowerSheets and other fun (and colorful!) new products launching in 2023. Stay tuned!

Is there a weekly planning section at the beginning of each week?

Yes! The one-page “My Upcoming Week” spread at the beginning of each week will help you get clear on your priorities so you can use your time well before you dive in. It’s quick and easy—but effective!

Is there a place for a Tending List?

There is no designated location for your Tending List, but our team has enjoyed moving it around the planner with washi tape and magnets. We can't wait to see how you use your Tending List alongside your Season by Season planner!

What’s on the daily pages?

Each dated daily page includes:

  • Timed slots (with half-hour lines!) from 5am through 10pm
  • Space to list (and check off!) tasks and to dos
  • A reminder to live each day well, with space to note a top priority as you begin your day and a favorite win as you close it
  • Gentle reminders to tend to your goals, express gratitude, and encourage someone else; and inspiring, simple design

Are Saturday and Sunday on their own pages?

Saturday and Sunday are combined onto one page each week. Both days have two lined columns to use for hourly appointments or to do lists.

Will Wildcards work inside it?

Yes! If you're a PowerSheets user, you have access to the Wildcard library. Wildcards have been resized to work inside your Season by Season planner, too. You’ll find two dot grid pages each month that are perfect for holding Wildcards!

How will it be packaged and shipped?

The Season by Season planner ships in a color-coordinated gift box with tissue paper wrapping. We want everything to arrive to your doorstep in tip-top shape and hope you’ll find a use on your desk for the sturdy box after you unpack your new planner!

Is anything else included with my purchase besides the planner?

You know it! :) Your Season by Season planner purchase includes 1 sticker sheet, 1 snap-in bookmark, and a handy calendar and holiday insert card. There’s also a bound-in pocket at the back of the planner!

Is there a weekly layout option?

If you prefer weekly planning, you’ll love 90-Day PowerSheets, which include undated weekly planning pages! If you’d like to see a weekly version of the Season by Season planner in the future, we’d love to hear from you.

What are your favorite pens to use with SBS? 

Great question! Since the Season by Season planner is printed on premium, 100gsm paper, your favorite pens will likely work great. Some of Team Cultivate’s favorites are the Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip, Zig Millennium, Micron 03, Crayola Super Tip markers, and Sharpie pens (but not the markers!).

Can I see a flip through?

You got it!


Any other questions? We'd love to answer them! Just leave a comment below.

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