Welcome to Mid-Year Goals Prep Week

Today kicks off an exciting week in the Cultivate office: Mid-Year Goals Prep Week! Whether you're a brand new PowerSheets user or want some extra encouragement to keep tending to those goals, there's something this week for you.

The most important thing this week?

Take one step forward. Just one!

We believe there's power in each and every intentional step you take. If you take more than one step forward, that's great, too!

What do you need to move forward on your goals and take that one step? Choose your adventure this week:

Need a kick in the pants? Join us for daily live coaching.
Need help getting started with your PowerSheets? Read on in this post!
Need some goal-getter friends to cheer you on?Cultivate Community Groups are here!
Need some real-life examples from others? Be sure to follow us on social for inspiring stories and daily pep talks.
Need some motivation to take that action step you’ve been putting off? This is where we’re gonna get a little crazy. We’re going to take those action steps LIVE together!

But first, I'm going to ask you a question: What can you do right now to love your December self well?

Is there something you can say no to, giving you room for something more important?

Can you make a decision now that will bear fruit by the time December rolls around?

What habit could cultivate now that will help you love your December self well?

If you're like me, I'll bet you have an answer for each of these questions! Where I want to be in December doesn't happen overnight. Others might believe in quick fixes, but around here, we cultivators embrace little by little progress.

And that's what this week is all about. By spending time working on our PowerSheets together, we’re going plant the seeds now for the good things we want to grow in the second half of the year!


Brand new to PowerSheets? How exciting! Over the course of this week, we’ll break down our proven process and walk you through your workbook day-by-day and page-by-page. The PowerSheets Prep Work has instructions on each worksheet for you to get started (it’s like having a coach in your back pocket!), but the Cultivate team wants to take it one step further and cheer you on. Each day, a different CWM gal will walk you through a piece of the PowerSheets Prep Work on Facebook Live at 3 pm ET. Sign up to join us!

Have goals you want to make progress on? Consider us your biggest cheerleaders! We've created a Cultivate Goal-Getter's Board in the office to celebrate YOU! When you take just ONE step on any of your goals this week, tell us! Leave a comment on Instagram or tell us in a Facebook Live, and we'll add your name to our board. Just like the progress bars on your Tending List, there's something exciting about seeing visual proof of progress!

Need some extra encouragement from fellow PowerSheets friends? Join our PowerSheets Facebook Group to find like-minded ladies near you! Once you do, consider starting (or joining!) a monthly meet-up with local friends using our brand new Community Groups resources.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 9.31.40 AM


Your turn! Leave a comment and let us know if you have your PowerSheets in hand and are planning to tune in this week! Introduce yourself. Tell us where you live! How are you feeling about your goals? I'd love to see how many friends we'll be spending time with this week!

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  1. Sandi

    I'm in Louisville, KY, and I'm a mom of four and a freelance writer. I'm excited to make some new goals for my new blog and for being intentional with my kids.

  2. DallaS Pearson
    DallaS Pearson

    Good Morning! My name is DallaS. Yes, just like the city only with a capital at the end of my name, too. My mom thought she would build character from day one! Funny thing is I’m an extreme introvert. I don’t post on social media, or comment on blogs (until now!).
    I’ve never used your program, but with a wedding, a new husband and a move coming up. I figured “Why not!”.
    I’ve been a single mama for the last decade, to say that I’m overwhelmed is an understatement. Change is happening in this girls life and I want to be the best me I can be for kids and my fiancée.

    As I tell my kids every morning, here is to “the best day ever”, starting today!

  3. Micca Sims
    Micca Sims

    Morning Friends!!
    I live in Ava, a small town in Missouri. I am married, have 3 sons and a Mimi. My biggest dream is being a entrepreneur, and having freedom. Freedom to help others like never before, to travel with my family.. and so much more. ♡
    I work at a Police Department and work as a medical assistant on Saturdays. I just got the new powersheets intentional goal planner, and ready to start goal setting.
    I am very excited to see what the next 6 months brings. Ready to set goals and then crushem..

  4. Kori

    Hi I am Kori! I live in Virginia! My life has been thrown for a huge curve ball the past 6 months so I am revamping my power sheets to better suite were I am in my current life. I am excited to do this with others and have encouragement from others to help me along the way!
    Dallas, I am also a single mama to a two and half year old and suffer some health issues so i am with you!
    I love what you tell your kids each morning! I should start doing that with my little girl. I am hoping by revamping my power sheets, and diving into the Cultivate book club, I will be able to start life on purpose and saying yes to what matters. :)
    I am very excited to meet everyone and share this journey

  5. Susan baker
    Susan baker

    Hello! I picked up my Power Sheets in May and thought I'd start the monthly tracking in June but I think I'm gonna slow myself down and shoot for July. We just wrapped up GRADUATION WEEKEND 2018 for my younger son and I think taking a pause in June to prep and get some good goals in place is wise.

    I have another son who is a sophomore in college and working in IN this summer at an internship. We live in TX. I am a substitute teacher and an entrepreneur in Real Estate Marketing. I am excited about what the second half of 2018 holds for me and my family and I believe that Power Sheets will allow me to SEE the progress I am making to and even more extraordinary life than I already enjoy. I am ready to dig in deep this week!

  6. Holly

    Hi Lara,
    I am into the last month of my first set of PowerSheets and ready to set up my new 6 mos. set, which I bought in January. ( I didn't want to be without come June) It has been a learning process this year but I am starting to get the rhythm for tending my goals. I am really excited to do the prep work in my new book- maybe it won't be so messy, but maybe it will! ;-) Thanks for being a great coach and cheering me on this year!

  7. Danielle Richmond
    Danielle Richmond

    Hi, I’m Danielle and I live in the outer suburbs of Philadelphia. I’m new to PowerSheets, but super stoked to be doing it. I have big dreams/goals and I tend to let them overwhelm me so then I get nowhere. (The image I have is seeing the giant forest, wanting it to be cleared in a day and realizing it can’t be done. Then just sitting on the edge of it hoping it will die out, but it just gets thicker and bigger, rather than taking SMALL steps to prepare to clear it.)

    I think though the PowerSheets will be helpful in seeing the small action steps, and seeing that those small steps count toward the greater goal even if seemingly unrelated to the larger goal.

  8. Beth

    Hi! I'm Beth from Happy Valley (State College), PA. This is my first forray into PowerSheets. One of my best friends turned me onto them at the end of last year but it was too late to start (they were sold out). I'm gearing up for a July 1 start and very excited. In April, I accomplished something HUGE professionally (got elected to an international board of directors)I thatgoing to add lots of travel and responsibility. I'm want to be successful in this new role while remaining a loving, present, contributing member of my family and my tribe. I thought PowerSheets could help me with that! I want to cultivate what matters personally and professionally!

  9. Mallory

    I'm so excited to dig into this mid year prep work! This is my busy season at work, and I didn't feel like I could dig into my goals while I was stuck in that time. I start next week, so wish me luck!

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