You may not wear a trench coat and carry around a magnifying glass, but that doesn't mean you aren't paying attention to everything around you—you have a seemingly unlimited capacity to listen and absorb!

When it comes to making a decision, you take things slow and steady. You've been known to spend hours on Google, reading product reviews, and asking for feedback on social media. Even then, all that information doesn't lead you to act–you simply need more time to make a decision or make your big ideas and dreams happen.

It's one thing to have head knowledge, and it's an entirely different thing to have knowledge that comes from real-life experience, and that's what you feel like you're missing. Feeling paralyzed by information overwhelm can lead you to indecision and keep you from pulling the trigger even when you know you're ready. You need someone who is going to give you a gentle nudge to take your first step–whether it be small or mighty–and you need a system that is going to walk alongside you each step of the way.

 You're in luck! We've gathered a few starting steps to help you make 2020 your best year yet:

  • Use our proven goal-setting process. In Make it HappenLara Casey walks you through her personal story of surrendering her fear, ending the chase for perfection, and saying yes to cultivating a life full of what matters. Part encouragement and part practical guide, Lara weaves her personal story with prompts and questions from our proven process to help you uncover what matters most, make a plan, and tend to it little by little.
  • Commit to one specific goal. We know you love information, so we've created Goal Guides to walk you through uncovering specific goals in your communityrelationshipfamilyfinances, and wellness. Intentionally designed with worksheets, activities, and conversations prompts, these guides will help you get started on a solid path and keep the momentum going!
  • Crush comparison once and for all. Sometimes what's holding us back from our goals is the fear of what others might think. If you're overwhelmed by what others are doing, read our best tips to conquer comparison, and then channel your energy into making your dreams happen.
  • Get unstuck! Getting unstuck isn't just possible, but it can be fun, too! Check out Lara's five tips to help you make progress on your goals. There are a million ways to grow a garden, and everyone’s soil is completely unique! In the same way, how you make your goals happen will be unique, too.
  • Eliminate information overload. Less is actually more, and if your brain feels overwhelmed with all the information out there, a low-information diet might be just the thing for you! Spend less time consuming, and more time doing the productive things that matter.

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We know what it's like to feel overwhelmed with an ever-growing list of to-dos, to be disappointed when we’re not spending time doing the things we love, and to want to love the people we care about well. Our CEO and Founder, Lara Casey, created the PowerSheets Goal Planner to help women just like you uncover what matters most and take action to become who you were meant to be. This isn't just another planner; it's a trusted goal-planning system that works for everyone, in any stage of life, right where you are. Our Six-Month PowerSheets are perfect for anyone getting started on their goals after the New Year and include the same Prep Work and goal coaching as our One Year PowerSheets. Get yours while you can!

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