A timely gift, given with love, can change someone.
When we’re kids, living with joy comes easily—just ask any child what they love to do, and they’ll rattle off a list for you! But, somewhere along the way, we lose ourselves. Wonder and joy get sucked dry by the daily demands of life. The things that fire us up seem like “extras” for some faraway day when we have more time on our hands. Wondering how to set goals that make you come alive and find your passion again—or for the very first time? The 2020 PowerSheets Collection was made for you!
Best Year Bundle
All the essentials in one beautiful bundle. This was made for you!
PowerSheets of choice
Goal Setting Sticker Book
Accessory Pouch of choice
Cultivate Washi Tape
Wildcard Page Pack
Choose Your Cover:
Blooms, Confetti, Teal Linen, or Pink Linen.
Choose Your Pouch:
Blooms, Teal, or Green.
Get ready to hear