In case you need a laugh to start 2019, here's our 2018 Cultivate What Matters (w)Rap Up.
From all of us to all of you, happy 2019!

Follow along with the original lyrics and performance by the Ultimate Cultimate: Ari Isaacson

Uh, so… 2018 where’ve you gone?
You haven’t been here very long
It seems like just yesterday
The date was mid-May,
With the sun shining bright
moonlight on a warm night
And now its New Year's Eve, 2019
all we’ve seen and achieved it seems like a dream
What a crazy good year, because of you
The Cultivate nation—you proved
It doesn’t take perfection to move
Closer to the life that God has waiting for you

What a year it has been for the Cultiladies and their men
Two ladies got married and one had a kid
PowerSheets in 69 countries and all 50 states
That's 1.5 million stickers—super sticky Cultivate!

2019 is going to be a great year
We are growing little by little and pushing through fear
Having goals that are rooted in a strong and clear why
Wearing CWM sweatshirts and looking mad fly

When you grow slow and allow yourself to fail
When you work through the dirt planting healthy seeds like kale
You’ll cultivate the life that you were meant to lead
From all of us to all of you happy 2019!

We love you!
Okay, now go get your PowerSheets 😂