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Write The Word® Journal | Cultivate Love

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Write The Word® Journal | Cultivate Love

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Every verse in this special volume points to the all-encompassing, world-changing love of God. And everyone needs more love right now! 

Since 2015, we've helped thousands of women across the world open their Bibles, dig into encouraging faith scriptures, and make time in the Word their favorite part of the day. You can, too!  The Write the Word™ Bible Journals were made for you—for every season of life.  

  • Easy to use: just open your Bible and write out the pre-selected scriptures in your own hand
  • In each two-page spread, you'll also have space to choose a word for the day and journal a prayer, what the day's reading is teaching you, or whatever else is on your heart
  • 68 selected scriptures over 141 pages, including 4 scripture art pages paired with themed journaling prompts
  • Undatedstart anytime and complete at your own pace!
  • Gold-foil details throughout and a satin bookmark to pick up right where you left off
  • Whether you're brand new to faith or in need of a jump start, writing the Word is perfect for you!

The Write the Word® Bible Journals make it easy to get right into the Word—the ultimate place for refreshment and peace. They'll bring you closer to God and help you live each day with hope and purpose! Whether you're new to faith or in a full season of life, Write the Word journals were made for you.

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What You'll Love

  • 68 selected scriptures throughout 141 pages
  • Gold-foiled cover with gold-foil details throughout
  • Easy-to-clean vegan leather—perfect for everyday use!
  • Four gorgeous art pages throughout featuring gold foil scripture artwork and a special journaling prompt
  • Satin bookmark to hold your place
  • Printed on high-quality, acid free, wood free (won’t yellow!) paper
  • Measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ana Gonzalez
Enjoying Write the Word

Not started yet since I’m almost done with Cultivate Forgiveness . Wanted to make sure I had my next book here. I had enjoyed reading the other so I know I will enjoy this journey with Cultivate Love. Can’t wait to start it!

Kelsey Carrier
Such cute journals!

These journals are beautiful and I like that they are themed. The only reason I went down one star is because all the gold foil font can be hard to read at times. On the cover it is beautiful but on the inside can be hard on the eyes. Otherwise, these are great, simple journals.

My heart is growing

I have had several "Write The Word" journals bought for me then also purchasing for others. The time spent with the "Love" journal was hard. Because realizing Beloved I am, especially when I don't deserve it was a lot to take in. Yet, what a precious time it was and a beautiful one to reflect on later.

Love these journals!

These are such great ways to focus on Gods word! Absolutely love these!

Beautiful, Simple, and Profound

My Write the Word | Cultivate Love journal has been a beautiful, simple tool for engaging in the Word of God in a profound way. The layout is clean and lovely, and the gold accents give just the right touch of beauty on every page. Thick, quality paper allows me to use my colorful felt tip pens without bleed-through. Where as many journals with prompts are overwhelming to me, I am able to return often to this journal because of the simplicity of a blank page with only a prompt for gratitude, writing a short scripture, and a few thoughts. Without extra prompts on the page for distraction, I am able to contemplate the passage deeply and connect with the Holy Spirit, recording insights. This lovely journal helps me engage deeply with the Word of God in a simple way. I am grateful to have this tool!