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The Quick Start Guide

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The Quick Start Guide

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You know what matters... but what do you do next?

The Quickstart Guide picks up where the PowerSheets® Prep Work leaves off. With specific, big-picture goal ideas (along with daily, weekly, and monthly action item ideas) for each of the Cultivated Life Evaluation areas, the Quick Start Guide will equip you with next steps and resources to live out your goals each day.

This guide pairs perfectly with your PowerSheets Goal Planner to help you break down your big-picture goals into smaller action items - and to live them out with joy and ease! Get ready for your best goal-setting year yet!

The Quickstart Guide includes 8 sections, each with additional materials and book recommendations to go further, faster: Community, Finances, Faith, Personal Growth, Health + Wellness, Home + Spaces, Work + Learning, and Family.

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What You'll Love

Product Details:

  • We'll guide you through how to approach Big Dreams, Finish Line, and Habit Goals
  • Walk through our BLOOM process (our take on SMART goals) to break down your goals
  • See examples of a yearly goals broken down into quarterly goals, and further into actionable steps to make progress along the way
  • Be inspired by hundreds of ideas for Big Dream and Finish Line goals, monthly action items, weekly action items, and daily (habit) action items within each category
  • Want to dive in deeper? You'll find further resources for our favorite related books, conversation starters, prompts to consider, tips for involving others in your goals, apps we love, and so much more!
  • Measures 5.5 x 8.5" - Fits perfectly inside your PowerSheets cover pocket!
  • 112 pages of rich content and endless ideas

Customer Reviews

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Nichole LaMay
Jump into goal planning

This quick start guide is super helpful with identifying clear goal options and breaking them down into 3 areas. As someone who struggles to articulate goals, I found it to be a refreshing resource to kick off my sessions!