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Purposeful Productivity | Digital Course

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Purposeful Productivity | Digital Course

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Take back your time so you can go from feeling stuck, like you’re spinning your wheels day after day, to feeling joy and confidence as you work toward the things that really matter in the big picture of your life, one day at a time.

The Purposeful Productivity course is designed to set you up for success within the daily or weekly planner of your choice. Of course, we’re partial to our Season By Season Daily or Weekly Planner because it’s designed to help you keep your big-picture vision in mind, but you can use any planner you like in a purposeful way.

In this course, you will:
—Uncover what truly matters in your day
—Break it down into actionable steps
—And live it out little by little 

Important note: You will receive an email upon checkout that contains information needed to access this course. You will not be able to access this course without completing the registration form included in that email! :)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Courtney C.
    Practical strategies for accomplishing what matters

    This course was excellent. It provided practical strategies for setting goals and creating a plan to accomplish them. I particularly enjoyed the strategies for productivity at work. What sets the content apart, though, is the focus on identifying what truly matters, and setting goals accordingly/making your calendar reflect those priorities.

    Gail Schmidt
    Learning to Prioritize What Matters in my 70’s

    I have loved Cultivate What Matters since I started using the Bible Journals. I started using them a couple of years ago. I had bought the Wellness Journal but did not know how to set reasonable goals. I had put it away. Since starting this class, I am learning to set goals that matter and prioritize what matters in my life. I am still working through the class, but decided to take my time so I really understand what each lesson teaches. I will continue to do each lesson and then will apply what I learned to the Wellness Journal. I am excited at this time in my life to continue to move forward in learning new techniques to enhance my life. The class is well presented. I appreciate having the written transcript of each lesson. The workbook is well presented and easy to us. I recommend this course to all women of any age.

    Alycia Hamon
    Productivity Course

    I liked it. As an avid planner, I didn't learn much, though. I think this is best for a beginner planner, or someone new to goal setting.