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Habit Workbook

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Habit Workbook

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Habits help us cultivate what matters most. 

The Habit Workbook, a companion to your PowerSheets® goal planner, will give you actionable ideas for how to actually implement the habits you want to grow—to move them from a hope to a habit. Because while your habits might be pointed toward a grand big picture, the way you’ll live them out is often very practical. You don’t need more willpower or elaborate systems to grow good habits—you just need a few simple techniques (and a little bit of brain science!). 

With the Habit Workbook you will…

— Identify habits that add up to your big-picture goals

— Choose the right habits for your season

— Explore tiny, smart changes to your mindset, environment, community, routines, and schedule that add up to big change in your behaviors

— Watch small actions add up as your habits begin to stick and you begin to cultivate what matters with more ease

You'll love...

— The interactive format, with plenty of room for brainstorming and making a plan

— A variety of habit trackers so you can experiment and find which formats work best for you!

If you've ever been discouraged by habits that didn't stick, this workbook is for you.

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What You'll Love

  • Measures 7.75x9.75"

  • Sewn binding + rounded outside corners

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vanessa Johnson
Habit Workbook

Awesome book so far! I’m learning so much about myself, I’m glad I purchased it, I’m new to CWM and it was worth it! Not the last time I will purchase something from this website :)

Stephanie H.
Excellent companion to powersheets for making your goals actually HAPPEN!

Finding the Habits workbook amazing for taking the goals i’d mapped out in my Powersheets and creating habits to make sure those goals get off the page and actually HAPPEN. it’s something I’d found lacking from previous years, and so happy to have this tool this year!

Heather C.
Useful Tool

I've worked my way through half of the workbook and it's already been insightful into my current habits as well as comparing my current habits to my goal habits. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to dig a little deeper into their own behavior and how that behavior affects their goals.