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Cultivated Reading Journal - Perennial Blooms

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Cultivated Reading Journal - Perennial Blooms

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You know all those books you've always wanted to read? You should go read them!

With the Cultivated Reading Journal, you will joyfully dive into every book with a plan for organizing what truly matters, a clear mind to enjoy new adventures, and an open heart ready for more.

At Cultivate, we believe the secret to real progress is saying YES to things that matter and letting go of what doesn't. This philosophy applies to our reading goals as well!

Designed specifically for you, the Cultivated Reading Journal provides a place to:

  • Record the details of your favorite books as you read, including key takeaways spaces to keep your favorite ideas close to your heart.
  • Cultivate your reading life with a fun list of ideas for readers like "donate books to a Free Little Library" and "unwrap a mystery read from your local library". This list will keep you inspired to be a lifelong reader!
  • Keep a tidy record of books you have shared with friends in the Books I've Loaned or Borrowed pages.
  • Plan your future reads, both fiction and nonfiction, with our intentional To Be Read list.
  • It's ok to grow slow in all areas of your life, so we intentionally designed this journal to be undated. Track your progress with grace with undated progress markers.
  • Leave a legacy of love. ​​Imagine if you had a detailed record of your grandmother's favorite books written in her own handwriting! With digital records taking over our world, your reading journal is a treasure (maybe even an heirloom!) to be cherished by future generations. The hardback cover is designed to last for years to come!
Whether you're new to reading journals or have completed many, the Cultivate Reading Journal is perfect for you. So get ready to power down your devices and cozy up with a good book. This beautiful journal is the key to more purposeful, joyful reading!
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Measures 5.5" x 8.5" and is .47" thick

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stephanie Murray
Love it!

I can’t wait for Christmas to give to my mom.

Laura Baldwin
Beautiful and fun to use!

I got the blue version of the reading journal and it is so pretty! I love the gold foil accents on the cover and the floral designs on many pages inside. When it came I immediately sat down and entered the book I had just finished - so fun! This journal has high quality paper just like the Powersheets planners. It would make a lovely gift.