Mid-Year Goals Prep Week Details!

We're nearly halfway through the year!

Are you ready to finish strong?
Do you need some momentum?
Maybe you need to start totally fresh with a new vision for 2019.

Whether you're already in the PowerSheets® family or new to setting goals, you're in the right place! We are kicking off one of our favorite weeks in the Cultivate office on Monday—Mid-Year Goals Prep Week—and we want YOU to join us!

The most important thing next week?

Take one step forward. Just one!

We believe there is power in every intentional step you take. And if you take more than one step forward? That's great, too!

So, what do you need to move forward on your goals in this second half of 2019?

Brand new to PowerSheets? Hooray!! Let's get you set up for success. We will have a 6-day video series ready to walk you through the Prep Work with ease. Think of it as personal daily coaching from Lara!

Pumped to make progress before the end of the year? Pull out your PowerSheets and refresh the goals you set in January! We're hosting a FREE live class on Monday, June 3 at 1 pm ET where you'll learn Lara's 3 simple steps to make the rest of 2019 count. (Bonus! One live viewer will win a one-on-one goal coaching session with Lara immediately after the webinar!) Save your spot NOW!

Best of all, we're doing this together! Our team will be on Instagram sharing our own advice and progress all week long and...

...drumroll please

...the Cultivate Goal-Getters Board in the office is BACK and ready to celebrate YOU! When you take just one step on any of your goals next week, tell us! Leave a comment on Instagram or tell us in a Facebook Live, and we'll add your name to our board. Just like the progress bars on your Tending List, there's something exciting about seeing visual proof of progress. We've got our cowbells ready :)

This is the only life you’ve got––let’s finish this year well no matter how it started! 
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