We’re Growing Good Things Together: Introducing Purposeful Partnerships!

We’re Growing Good Things Together: Introducing Purposeful Partnerships!

Last December, we chose our word of the year: rise. We believe in rising together because we know our mission is not just for us–it’s for us, and you, and the many women we haven’t met yet!

Unsurprisingly, the best part of our work is hearing stories of transformation–of people rising as they dig in to cultivate what matters, right where they are. We have the privilege of being participants in these stories, but our most fulfilling moments come when we aren’t at the center of them. That’s why I’m thrilled today to officially introduce our new Purposeful Partnerships program!

We shared a lot more about our new Purposeful Partnerships program on the website, but here are the basics: Every month, we donate a portion of our sales to our partner organization on behalf of our community. Every order placed in the Cultivate Shop–whether it’s for PowerSheets, Write the Word journals, prints, or Tending Tape–helps to plant a garden.

Why? As cultivators, we believe good things grow over time, little by little, and that includes goals, flowers, babies, and good things to eat, too!

By partnering with Big Green, we have the opportunity to create a ripple effect that goes far beyond us. Big Green‘s mission is to build a healthier future for kids through a nationwide network of learning gardens and food literacy programs. Their vision is to build a learning garden in every low-income school across the country, bringing real food to millions of kids every day, and to teach them about nutrition through hands-on and project-based learning – ultimately empowering these kids to make healthier choices for the rest of their lives.

Over the past seven years, Big Green has built more than 465 learning gardens across the country in 7 communities, with a goal to be in 10 communities with 1,000 learning gardens by 2020. Not only do they build dynamic outdoor classrooms, but they also provide teacher curriculums, teacher training workshops, and garden educators who work alongside the teachers and students in helping them tend to what they’re growing, little by little.

Sound familiar? With April’s donation alone, we’ve had the privilege of funding 16 gardens with seedlings for the season, 6 garden harvest kits, 4 kitchen kits to help a teacher prepare fresh produce in their classroom, and 4 garden summer learning experiences for students.

When we say “we”, we really mean you, the Cultivate family. Your purchase in the Cultivate Shop plants a seed–pun intended–for a brighter and healthier future for children across the country.

Just as each purchase of a Cultivate product creates change in your life and the lives of those you love, through our giving initiative, your purchase also creates change in local communities.

As cultivators, we are firm believers in community. We share our goals, encouraging others along the way, instead of trying to do it all alone. Together, we are seed planters, and we believe in growing what lasts longer than us! We can’t wait to share the stories of the good things we’re helping to grow through Big Green together.

To stay in the know about all the wonderful things Big Green is doing across the country, follow them on Instagram and sign up for their email newsletters!

We’d love to hear from you! We are actively looking to add partner organizations who are growing good things in local communities. Drop a comment below if you know of an organization that might be a good fit!

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