Using the Season by Season Daily Planner Alongside Your PowerSheets

Using the Season by Season Daily Planner Alongside Your PowerSheets

For over 10 years, the PowerSheets® goal planner has helped women set, plan, and track progress towards the goals that matter most—big or small, the things they've always wanted to do. We've helped over 100,000 women all around the world grow new habits, set life-giving routines, deepen connections with the people they love, and find more joy.

Our not-so-secret secret to doing what matters most? Taking those big-picture goals and breaking them down into small, concrete, achievable steps—the tiny actions and to dos that move goals forward, little by little! Your Tending List, the ultimate accountability tool for your monthly goals, weekly rhythms, and daily habits, helps you do this.

Alongside their PowerSheets, most gals like to use an additional planning tool: somewhere to note appointments, prioritize their days hour-by-hour,  wrangle everyday chores, and break their goals down into step-by-step tasks even further than the PowerSheets allow. 

After all, PowerSheets were created first and foremost as an intentional goal planner, not a daily agenda. They walk you through a three-step proven process to uncover the right life goals and short-term goals, then move into goal-setting worksheets to make your goals a reality. Your PowerSheets help you determine what to put in your planner—and what not to put in it—by uncovering your unique priorities. What you uncover in your PowerSheets helps you organize your time and spend it on the right things!

The PowerSheets are flexible enough to pair with the calendar system of your choice, and for years this community has done just that. Some gals prefer to use a notepad, some a digital system like GCal or iCal, and others a traditional paper planner (weekly or daily format).

With the launch of 90-Day PowerSheets, our users who prefer a weekly layout got exactly what they needed: PowerSheets and a weekly planner combined into one, one quarter at a time! 90-Day PowerSheets sold out in 8 hours; we're thrilled to have them back in stock soon (and hopefully keep them that way) so that women can dive into PowerSheets at any time of the year!

Now, with the launch of the Season by Season™ planner, we're able to come alongside those who prefer a daily layout, too. And though the SBS and One-Year PowerSheets don't have to be used together (either can be used on their own!), we designed them to work hand in hand (with the help of a focus group of long-time PowerSheets users—thank you, ladies!!).

Updated to add: For 2024, we added a weekly version of the Season by Season planner—so now there's a version for every Cultivator's planning needs! 

Here are a few ways you'll love to use your Season by Season Daily Planner alongside your PowerSheets.

How to use the Season by Season planner with your PowerSheets:

  • Batch your Prep Work | The Season by Season planner includes a few pages of Prep Work to help you focus as you begin each season, just like PowerSheets. Complete the pages together to get the most out of both tools!
  • Use the SBS "My Upcoming Week" spread as a goal check-in | Each week, this page will help you realistically plan your time and make decisions about how to move your goals forward in the next 7 days. More about planning your weeks and blocking your time here!
  • Check in with your Tending List daily | It sounds simple, but this might have been the most-requested feature for a Cultivate What Matters daily planner! Each daily page includes a gentle checkbox reminder to "tend to your goals." Check it off after you've taken an action step, completed a habit, or checked in on your Tending List—whatever helps you live on purpose!
  • Celebrate little-by-little progress | With space to record a "win" on each daily page, you'll find it easier to live into the PowerSheets mindset of celebrating each tiny victory. What we celebrate, grows!

We know you'll love these features even if you don't use PowerSheets alongside your Season by Season planner. But if you do use them together—well, watch out, world! We can't wait to see the good you'll cultivate with these two powerful tools at your side.

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas has been writing content for Cultivate What Matters for over four years. Her passion is helping women unlock what matters most in their lives and living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, three kids, and Golden Retriever, Dolly.

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