Team Cultivate's Mix and Match Plans for 2024

Team Cultivate's Mix and Match Plans for 2024

With all the planning choices available in the Cultivate shop, we know you might be wondering what goal-setting and daily-planning combination is right for you in the year ahead. We've got you covered with a handy quiz, but if you'd like to hear what a few friends are choosing for 2024, listen in! We polled a few members of Team Cultivate, andspoiler alertyou'll find a love for the classics AND a curiosity about some of the newest additions to the CWM fam below!

2024 Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets covers

Casey, Customer Delight Specialist and podcast co-host: I'm planning to start the year with the Clear Skies Weekly Season by Season and Jade One Year PowerSheets®. I like having my to-do's and plans in one place and my big-picture goals in another. This pairing helps me avoid overwhelm but still keep the things I need to do AND get to do in front of me!

Alli, Marketing Specialist: For 2024, I'll be pairing my trusty One-Year PowerSheets (Natural Linen!) with the new Season by Season Weekly Planner in Clear Skies. In the past, I've used the Intentional Weekly Planner Notepad to keep my daily tasks organized one week at a time, so I'm super excited to try out the weekly SBS layout! Of course, my lineup wouldn't be complete without a new set of pouchesI'm always finding new ways to use them!

Emily, Content Strategist and Writer: Plus one for the OY PS + Weekly SBS combo! (For me, in Jade and Clear Skies.) I think I'll always be a One-Year PowerSheets galI just love having one place to plan and track my dreams for a full year. 

Like Alli, I've used the Intentional Weekly Planner Notepad for years and am excited to give the Weekly Season by Season a whirl. Since SBS has a monthly calendar, I'm planning to use the freed-up monthly spread in my PowerSheets to plan and track my workouts throughout the year!

The Wildcard sets are also fantastic this year. I'm excited to use a bunch from the Favorites, Family, and Home and Spaces packs!

Holly, Senior Designer: This year I’ll be using the One-Year PowerSheets (in Jade) for my big-picture goals paired with the Season by Season Daily Planner (in Clear Skies) for my day-to-day tasks. I love the Daily SBS layout because it allows me to time block and have a unique to-do list for every day of the week.

I’m also excited about all the new colorful Wildcard Page Packs and cannot wait to use my bright Tending Tape to stick them inside both planners so I can add an extra splash of color and intention to every page!

Tori, Marketing Specialist: I'll be using the Blooms Weekly Season by Season paired with Jade One-Year PowerSheets (accessorized with all the stickers, snap-ins, and Wildcards!) After a year of injury, I am extra excited about the Health and Wellness Wildcard PackI'm ready to make a comeback with some big goals! I think the accountability and deep thought of PowerSheets paired with the systems and practicality of the Season by Season Planner will be key.

Kelley, Brand Manager: I chose classic One-Year PowerSheets (Natural Linen) because I love digging deep into what matters to me, what makes me feel alive, and what brings me joy. I find the Prep Work fun and inspiring! Pairing my PowerSheets with Season by Season Weekly (Clear Skies) helps me lay out each week well, and using our Daily Planner Notepad on extra busy days gives me a little extra structure as needed, too. I couldn’t decide between a daily or weekly planner, so, for me, this is the best of both worlds!

We hope this is a welcome reminderour team is with you each step of the way! :)


Silly me, I just needed to click through to the product descriptions to find out the size of 90 day vs One Year goal planners. Hope this helps someone else make a decision!

Leanette Spencer

I love that I can put the 90-day PowerSheets planner in my purse. I’m curious about the size of the One Year PowerSheets and don’t seem to see that info on the website anywhere. Thanks for your assistance.

Leanette Spencer

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

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