Meet Your Table Leaders for Cultivate Your Year LIVE!

Meet Your Table Leaders for Cultivate Your Year LIVE!

I know it's still many months away, but I'd be lying if I said our whole office wasn't getting super excited for Cultivate Your Year LIVE! A chance to hug so many of you in person, gather at the beautiful Carolina Inn, and get fired up about a new year ahead?! Yes, please! Most of our tickets have been snapped up, but we have a few left—get yours here while you still can!

In addition to finishing your PowerSheets® Prep Work and setting goals for the new year, we are carefully planning this event to help you meet likeminded friends, ask questions in real-time, and leave with accountability buddies you can lean on as you set off on your goals.

To that end, you'll be seated at a round table of ten, including a table leader (your head cheerleader for this unique prep rally!). Our table leaders—all seasoned PowerSheets users—have been carefully chosen to make your day the best it can be. They're warm, knowledgeable, and great at asking questions and helping you figure out your own answers. Plus, they each bring something unique to the, ahem, table!

While Lara will be leading and inspiring from the stage as only she can, your table leader will be beside you to answer questions and offer feedback in real time as you work through your prep and goals. Have you ever felt stuck on a section of the Prep Work? Not this year!

Ready to meet your table leaders? Here's why you'll LOVE sitting at each of these gals' tables:

  • Amber Housley: no challenge is too big or thorny for this gal - she'll help you knock down everything in the way of your best year ever
  • Ashlyn Carter: this gal knows how to get things DONE!
  • Carin Kilby Clark: she knows a thing or two about juggling priorities
  • Carrie Grace McQuaid: she's the ultimate includer - you'll never feel lonely next to Carrie Grace!
  • Cindy Briggs: she brings a fresh perspective as a college professor
  • Diana Kerr: she'll inspire you to ruthlessly cut things that don't matter
  • Emily Enockson: she's the best encourager of big dreams
  • Jill Clark: you'll be smiling all day if you sit next to Jill!
  • Kate Strickler: she'll make you laugh and nod your head at her wisdom all in the same breath
  • Kelsey VanKirk: she'll inspire you with her simple and effective rhythms and routines
  • Kristin Winchester: she's got the inside scoop as a member of Team Cultivate for many years (and she says she's bringing special snacks)
  • Laken Edwards: she knows the ins-and-outs of using PowerSheets alongside your planner of choice
  • Maghon Taylor: she can see the beauty in every situation (and if we're lucky, she'll bring some donkey pinatas)
  • Molly Stillman: sweet, kind, encouraging - your new best friend!
  • Nicole Yang: she's got the inside scoop as a member of Team Cultivate for many years (plus, to know her is to love her)
  • Renee Swope: her confidence is contagious
  • Rita Goodroe: an experienced coach, she can help you get unstuck!
  • Shunta Grant: she asks really good questions (and isn't above giving a good kick in the pants when needed!)
  • Sophia Noor Kiser: she knows what it's like to wear many hats and still pursue what matters most!
  • Tanya Maturino: she'll wow you with her PowerSheets hacks
...and a few more surprises still in the works! :) 

One question we've been getting often: can I choose which table to sit at?

The answer: yes! Our VIP ticket holders will get first access to choose their seats, and then seating will be first come, first served when the doors open. You'll be welcome to sit at the table of your choice, and with whichever other attendees you'd like! Every seat will be a great seat! :)

Still haven't bought your ticket? Catch up with our table leaders on Instagram —many have promo codes to share so you can snag your seat at a discount! We'd love to see you in December!!

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

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