Meet Your Fear

Meet Your Fear

Remember the good that could happen if your fear didn’t own you. You might finally do the things you were created to do. The things that could change the course of your life. The things that could inspire others and show them that they are deeply loved. The things that could change generations to come in your family. The things God purposed for you long ago. With those possibilities in mind, is it worth it to step into these hard places? I am here for you, and I will remind you as many times as you need to hear this: living on purpose is worth stepping into the hard stuff.

When you get honest about what’s holding you back, you open yourself to good change. little by little, you exchange fear for a life of faith-a life where fear does not rule you rather motivates you to dive deeper. A life that gets you and everyone around you fired up.

Excerpt from Lara Casey’s Make It Happen.

What is holding you back from living on purpose? Be honest. Share below in the comments, and let’s encourage one another!

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