Making Things Happen Conference Fall 2018 Recap

Making Things Happen Conference Fall 2018 Recap

Twice a year, in Chapel Hill, NC, women just like you, come together for the Making Things Happen Conference (what we lovingly refer to as MTH!). Our entire team looks forward to MTH each year. Not only is it a time for us to gather together, but we also get fired up by seeing women's lives completely transformed during the two days of the conference. Our work comes to life in those two days, and we couldn't be more grateful for them.

We like to describe MTH as doing PowerSheets in person. During the conference, attendees take two days to step away from the busy distractions of everyday life (we even take away their cell phones!) and uncover meaningful intentional goals. They leave MTH with a renewed sense of purpose, having uncovered what matters most to them and with an action plan that they can't wait to get started on.

Just last week, we welcomed nearly ninety women to the Making Things Happen alumni community. Women from all over the world—from all backgrounds, professions, and in all seasons of life—came together to make what matters happen. These incredible women shared their hearts with one another, encouraged each other, and bravely pursued what matters most.  We couldn't be more thrilled for them!

MTH Encouragement Crew

Behind every MTH Conference is our Encouragement Crew. The Encouragement Crew is made up of past attendees who selflessly volunteer their time to come back and encourage our MTH attendees. From making you feel loved right when you walk through the door to helping you find the best restaurants at the end of the day, these women are how we make Making Things Happen actually happen. They greet our attendees with bright smiles, warm hugs, and are always nearby to lend a helping hand when needed.

MTH Encouragement Speakers

At MTH we encourage you to dig deep and uncover what matters, but the best part is that you won't do it alone. This Fall we welcomed an incredible group of Encouragement Speakers to share their personal stories and encourage attendees.

Unlike most conferences, our Encouragement Speakers aren't just women on a panel telling you how to live your life. They do the work alongside you and selflessly pour into the lives of our MTH attendees on stage and during breakout groups. Our MTH attendee, Pam, said it best, "the speakers were ALL exceptionally approachable, vulnerable and open. It did not feel like being spoken TO but being shared WITH. They participated and got real right along with all the conference attendees." 

Why do our Encouragement speakers do this? Because Making Things Happen isn't about them. It's about our attendees.

Making Things Happen Conference

Making Things Happen is about taking the time for yourself to uncover what matters most  

"The experience renewed and revived my weary spirit. I was able to make connections with women on a similar journey to a more cultivated life. Lara and all the encouragers were present, lovingly challenging, and transparent with their journeys. What a time!" -Ingrid

Making Things Happen Conference

Making Things Happen is about connecting with like-minded women.

"Fellowship, friendship & fun! Two days surrounded by motivated women who want to live their best lives was both humbling & inspiring... I delved deeper & looked inward in a more comprehensive way than at any other personal/professional development opportunity I’ve ever attended." -Julia

Making Things Happen Conference

Making Things Happen is about relentlessly pursuing what matters most.

Are you ready to uncover your goals and take action? Our team would love to invite you to join us at the Spring MTH Conference!

The Details: March 25-26, 2018 at The Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC 

Now is your time! We can't wait to help you uncover your goals and start making them happen! Spend two life-changing days uncovering your purpose and making an action plan you can't wait to get started on!

Our Early-Bird Rate (nearly 50% off ticket price) ends on December 31st, and we have payment plans available; email me at for more information! Register today!

All photos by Rachel Coffey

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